Compare Our Safes to Other Safe Brands

Why do we love the Hollon Black Hawk safe series?

Because we don’t believe you can’t get a better built safe at this price anywhere.

This chart compares the Hollon Black Hawk gun safe series to other major safe brands. There’s only one well-selling brand that comes in less expensive, but you can see from the chart and (this video showing typical “bargain-brand” gun safe construction) that it’s built very cheaply and won’t protect it’s content.

Just some of the reasons the Hollon rifle safes blow away the competition:

  • Thicker steel on the side walls than all other comparable brands – by up to 29%
  • More weight per cubic foot of space than all other comparable brands – by up to 50%
  • Thicker security door bolts than all other comparable gun safes – up to 4X more area
  • Steel reinforced top shelf to carry the weight without bowing
  • Standard led light kit
  • 3 socket power outlet with usb connections to keep electronic items stored in the gun safe charged
  • Standard electronic lock with a 1 year warranty
  • Lifetime burglary and gun safe warranty

When it comes to those warehouse-brand safes, when you want a super cheap safe, super cheap is what you get. They will keep you kids out and protect from fire, and if that’s all you need, they will do. But if you want theft protection for the content that’s in that safe, you need something better.

See details of the Hollon Gun Safes on our Buy Safes Online shopping site. All safes are delivered curbside free.

Gun Safe Comparison Chart