FORD Keys About to Get More Expensive

Have a pre-2015 Ford? Only have one key? Save some money and get a backup key made now.

Ford is up to something, but what it is isn’t precisely clear yet.

What is clear is that it is getting very hard for us to find Ford keys for the 2011-2015 models. In fact, only one of our manufactures has these blanks in stock, and that manufacture is nearly twice as expensive as the rest. When they do run out, anyone with a pre-2015 Ford will need to buy the latest generation chip. A 128 bit chip that is even more expensive, driving prices up further.

Maybe that’s Ford’s plan? To stop making the less expensive keys in favor of a more expensive version? Or may it’s to bring all keys in house, so no third party can make copies of their keys. It’s hard to say.

But ACME Locksmith customers are covered for at least a little while. When we got this news we bought all the inventory we could find so we could keep delivering great prices. But it won’t last forever. If you’ve got a pre-2015 Ford, and need a spare key, get it while our inventory lasts.

Ford Transponder Key