Business Robbed -The Importance of Latch Guards

Business Robbed -The Importance of Latch Guards

A latch guard is a sheet of metal that covers the latch on a door. Most often, they are installed on commercial exterior doors to prevent someone from prying the door open and easily gaining access to your business. The goal of prying open a door is to move the frame of the door just enough so the latch pops out of the frame and the door opens. This is usually accomplished by a breaker bar or some other long narrow object being inserted in the crack at the latch location. Latch guards prevent objects from being inserted into the crack near the commercial door latch thus the latch can’t be forced to pop out of the door frame.

Is it overkill? Not for this business. This is a fire riser room door.

Door That Was Not Secure and Pried Open.

Almost all Arizona commercial properties have one on the building. We were recently called out to perform emergency commercial door service to secure this door. The door was pried open by a burglar. He then cut a hole in the drywall of the fire riser room to gain access to the adjacent business. The business was cleaned out.

This is door after we finished the repair. Simple fixes can make big security improvements. Don’t skimp on door security.

Latch Guard Installed on Commercial Door to Prevent Prying Door Open

Compare Our Safes to Other Safe Brands

Compare Our Safes to Other Safe Brands

Why do we love the Hollon Black Hawk safe series?

Because we don’t believe you can’t get a better built safe at this price anywhere.

This chart compares the Hollon Black Hawk gun safe series to other major safe brands. Only one well selling gun safe brand comes in less expensive, but you can see from the chart and (this video showing typical “bargain-brand” gun safe construction) that it’s build so cheaply it won’t protect it’s content.

Just some of the reasons the Hollon rifle safes blow away the competition:

  • Thicker steel on the side walls than all other comparable brands – by up to 29%
  • More weight per cubic foot of space than all other comparable brands – by up to 50%
  • Thicker security door bolts than all other comparable gun safes – up to 4X more area
  • Steel reinforced top shelf to carry the weight without bowing
  • Standard led light kit
  • 3 socket power outlet with usb connections to keep electronic items stored in the gun safe charged
  • Standard electronic lock with a 1 year warranty
  • Lifetime burglary and gun safe warranty

When it comes to those warehouse-brand safes, when you want a super cheap safe, super cheap is what you get. They will keep you kids out and protect from fire, and if that’s all you need, they will do. But if you want theft protection for the content that’s in that safe, you need something better.

See details of the Hollon Gun Safes on our Buy Safes Online shopping site. All safes are delivered curbside free.

Gun Safe Comparison Chart

Schlage NDE Wireless Access

Schlage NDE Wireless Access

We are loving this new card access lock from Schlage. At its price point, it’s one of the best card access locks available and feature rich. Full installation (parts and labor) for less than half of previous stand alone, card access systems with audit trail capability.

  • Replaces existing commercial-grade levers
  • Half the cost of traditional wireless access control for very affordable implementation
  • No wiring, no power supplies, always ready in case of power or network failure
  • Up to 5000 users
  • 2000 event access report (audit trail)
  • Add and control up to 100 locks
  • Wifi and Bluetooth enabled for access and programming from computer computer or smartphone
  • Send daily automatic updates from the cloud or manually from the app
  • 20,000 cycle battery life for up to two years of access
  • Supports schedules (enable and disable access based on time of day or date) with auto-lock or auto-unlock scheduling
  • Works with smart cards, FOBs, or proximity cards
  • Field reversible for left handled and right handed door
  • Weather resistant for exterior doors
  • Standard cylinder and IC Core format key override available
  • See Schlage NDE Lock FAQ

Bluetooth Wifi Lock

Schlage NDE Card Access Lock

New App Let’s Anyone Into Your Home or Business!

New App Let’s Anyone Into Your Home or Business!

This App Will Provide Anyone a Key to Your Home or Business

Just look at this chat with their company! KeyMe will send you an exact copy of a key from a simple photo. So I can snap a picture of anyone’s keys and have that key mailed directly to me. Voila! I’m in your home or your business.

Here’s how it works.

Say you have your keys lying on the counter, or on your desk at work, or on a table while out at dinner.

Who ever is with you, that new date from tinder (who you know virtually nothing about), the slightly more than jealous ex-girl/boy friend that you’re trying to be just friends with, a frenemy from work/school, or a disgruntled employee just snaps a quick photo of that key. They send it to the app and an exact copy of your key is mailed to them. BOOM! They have a key to your home or your business.

This is a gross violation of your safety! Why would they do this? Why would they risk it? They will also provide you the cuts to the key and say “take it to a locksmith to have the key made” for emergency situations.

I can tell you. WE WILL NOT BE CUTTING KEYS FROM THIS APP. I don’t know who that key is for. I can’t verify you have access rights to the property from a photo. If I cut that key, I’m putting you at risk. ACME Locksmith will not do it.

Shame on this company.

How Can You Protect Your Property?

This is not the only company offering keys made from photos. These services are popping up everywhere. Here’s what you can do:

  • The only way to stop this from happening for certain is to have you home placed on a keyway that is not available to these businesses. They can only perform this service for the most common keyways, not restricted keyways. Restricted keyways can only be copied by credible locksmith copies because they are not readily available.
  • Short of that, keep your keys hidden. Relationships fall apart, employees leave, etc….Don’t leave your keys out so someone can snap a picture.

Free Car Unlock Decal

Free Car Unlock Decal

Get you car unlock decal today.

Getting locked out of your car happens. It’s even happened to me and our field service drivers (trust me, there’s nothing more embarrassing than getting locked out when you’re a locksmith). The new vehicle proximity FOBS have not solved this problem. Yes, FOBs will automatically unlock your car when you approach and the car won’t lock if you’ve left your keys inside. But when you car or FOB battery dies, you’re locked out.

ACME Locksmith will unlock your car for free during our standard business hours within any of our service areas. Get you car unlock decal today.

Own Your Own ACME Locksmith Location

Own Your Own ACME Locksmith Location

You can join Arizona’s most successful locksmith company and become an independent franchise owner. Our franchises operate from a store front location with mobile field support so you can provide your customers a differentiated lock and key service.

Locksmith Franchise Business

ACME Locksmith has been under the guidance of Robert Vallelunga since 2007. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He performed as a Product Marketing Manager for 15 years helping to fulfill product needs and establish successful brands. In 2007 Robert decided to find a company he could guide to success. Under his guidance, ACME Locksmith has grown into the only locksmith company in Arizona having three profitable locations. It’s been a decision he’s never regretted. The ability to help customers feel safe and secure has been particularly rewarding.

ACME Locksmith Franchise owners will benefit from Robert’s 25 years of experience and understanding of current service industry needs, advertising, and branding techniques. The business practices you’ll be able to utilize from day one will place your business in the top-tier of locksmith companies in the US. ACME Locksmith will help guide your success with operations, marketing, accounting, audit and legal support.

Want more information on how ACME locks in your success? Request Franchise Information

ACME Locksmith’s Service Decal – Why?

ACME Locksmith’s Service Decal – Why?

When ACME Locksmith does a job for your business or home, ACME Locksmith will install a little, discrete decal next to one of the locks we serviced.

Sometimes customers ask us, “Why do you do that?”

ACME Locksmith offers the best warranty of any Phoenix lock company in Arizona. Our labor / workmanship warranty is 12 months while most of our competition’s is just 90 days. Six months down the road, should there be an issue, will you remember which locksmith you called? We take calls frequently that sound like this, “I need to know if you performed my lock service at….”.

We do keep great records and track all the key services we perform, but by placing that little decal next to the lock, a customer will know exactly who to call should there be any issues. If you received great service, you’ll know who to call next time in order to get the same great lock or key service.

Don’t worry. These little decals are discrete and not even noticed after a day or two. Unless that is, there’s a problem with the lock. Then you’ll know exactly which locksmith service to call.

Decal shown on lock installed by ACME.
Decal shown on lock installed by ACME.

Bluetooth Locks

Bluetooth Locks

Bluetooth Locks are Being Released by Many Lock Manufactures. Are They Needed?

Locks just keep getting smarter and smarter. But what is needed vs what is too much?

For the past year, lock manufactures have been releasing deadbolts that can be opened via Bluetooth devices. And Master Lock has just released a padlock that can be opened via Bluetooth.

But are these devices worth it or are they just looking to jump on a technology that is currently a hot buzzword with consumers? Here’s ACME Locksmith’s thoughts.

Bluetooth locking devices tout the following benefits:

  • No need for keys
  • Share electronic access (via electronic key codes) with someone needing access right away
  • Some offer access history and tamper alerts

I acknowledge, I like these benefits. But with a list price over $400 is it worth it? Especially when you consider that electronic deadbolts are less than half that price and offer the SAME benefits as the Bluetooth devices. Electronic deadbolts offer Keyless entry, temporary pin codes or pin codes that can be easily removed, and in some cases (depending on the lock manufacture) tamper alerts and access history.

Kwikset Kevo Deadbolt

Our main concern with the Bluetooth home deadbolts lie within the technology itself. Bluetooth is a proximity based technology. That is, when your Bluetooth device is near the Bluetooth lock, the lock can be opened by anyone. So, if you just got home, entered the home and locked the door behind you, it is technically possible that someone behind you can then simply open the door because your Bluetooth device is near the lock. Thus the lock will offer NO PROTECTION. The home deadbolt manufactures are implementing technology that allows the lock to sense whether the Bluetooth device is outside or inside the home, but just how good this technology is has yet to be tested. Does the Bluetooth device need to be several feet inside the home??? Or is 2 feet sufficient??? Many of the deadbolts offer a calibration feature to improve the sensing of the device. How much at risk are you if you skip the calibration step? As a locksmith and security professional,these are our concerns, and we’ll wait until the technology has demonstrated itself secure before recommending it.

Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock
The new Master Lock Bluetooth padlock is more reasonably priced at around $70 (list price), and doesn’t have the same proximity security risk that the deadbolts do since they will typically be used on gates and noticing someone is possible since no door restricts your view causing a false sense of security. But, they too can be as much as 3X a good combination padlock offering many of the same benefits.

If the proximity technology proves safe, I like the idea of Bluetooth locks once the price comes down, but currently the additional benefits to justify such a large price increase (over a more proven electronic deadbolt or simply a combination padlock) just isn’t there in ACME Locksmith’s opinion. Save your money. With time, pricing will come down, the technology improved, and the Bluetooth locks will be more attractive.