Why You Want to Hire a Licensed Locksmith

Why You Want to Hire a Licensed Locksmith

Q: Does Arizona require all locksmiths to be licensed?
A: No, but….it does require licensed locksmiths for any job performed over $1,000.

Q: So how many licensed locksmith companies are there in the Phoenix Metro area?
A: About 10

Q: So why does nearly every locksmith website say they are licensed and bonded?
A: Sadly, no on checks to see if they are being given truthful information. We find it outrageous that many lock “companies” being hired to protect homes and businesses are lying to their customers.

Q: Why does ACME Locksmith carry an ROC License if it’s only required on large jobs?
A: We want you to understand that our company is the best-of-the-best. We go through the cost of maintaining our ROC license to ensure your protection. Whether your job requires a licensed locksmith or not, you’re protected by using a licensed company.

Q: Why do I care if I hire a licensed locksmith?
A: For your protection and safety

  • It gives you peace of mind that the job will be performed correctly. To earn a license, a locksmith must have several years of experience and pass an aptitude test.
  • It gives you a method of recourse should anything go wrong and not be corrected. The ROC has a complaint process that will assist you in getting the issue resolved to your satisfaction.
    This differs from an agency like the BBB as no constraints are put on businesses to maintain a level of quality.
  • Licensing guarantees the company is bonded. Bonding is often confused for insurance, but there is a notable difference. A bond is intended to act as a guarantee that the contractor will perform the work as he or she is supposed to.
  • It protects your job. If you are an employee hiring an unlicensed company to perform jobs where a license is required, should something go wrong on that job, your job is at risk if the company cannot get it corrected.

Home Security – Know Who’s at Your Door

Home Security – Know Who’s at Your Door

Always Know Who’s at Your Door Before Answering

The SkyBell Home Monitoring System Captures Video and More Whenever Someone is at Your Door.

Before we recommend a protect, we try it. When this little video door bell monitoring system came out, it went up on my house asap. The verdict, love it.

Several features make this a great little security device.

  • It auto captures video/screen shots each time your door bell is rung.
    Burglars will scope out a house to see if a house is empty during the day before they break in by seeing if anyone answers the door. This little device videos them when they do this and notifies you on your Smart Phone every time your doorbell is rung. Should you then be broken into, you’ve got the evidence.

    • Bonus: As soon as my kids walk home from school, they ring the doorbell before coming inside. I get a notification on my phone and know they are home safe and sound.
  • Hear & Speak.
    Listen to what they are saying at your door from any location and talk to whomever is ringing the bell. I had just hired a landscaper to plant some trees. When he came to the door we had an entire conversation about where to plant them and what was needed–while I wasn’t even home.
  • Activity history. Review the day’s events at your door.
  • Live monitoring. Check your home at any time. The photo below is a pic of what’s going on in my front yard.
  • Screenshot of the video Installed on My Home.
  • Theft guarantee. If it is stolen, SkyBell will replace it for free.
  • Night vision. Capture images up to 15 ft away in full color.
  • Quiet mode. Baby sleeping? Temporarily turn off your door bell.
  • Installed in minutes for most homes

Push, Pull, or Rotate Knobs and Levers

Push, Pull, or Rotate Knobs and  Levers

Here’s an interesting twist on home locks

The new push, pull, rotate locks by Brinks give you three ways to release the latch and open the door. Push it, pull it, or turn it the old fashion way.

What do you think of this lock? Seems a clever idea for interior door knobs and levers, like the laundry room or bedrooms where your hands are often full. But exterior, we don’t see the value. You still need the key to unlock the door, so you’d have to put everything down to take care of that part. But for interior doors, while hauling laundry or bags of shopping to your rooms, this could be useful.


  • Installs just like a regular deadbolt/lever/knob.
  • 4 common finishes: Oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, brass, polished chrome (availability based on style)
  • Attractive,modern styles
  • Comes equipped with anti-bump, anti-pick pins
  • Lifetime warranty for defects in material and workmanship
  • Pricing similar to competitors residential door hardware
Push, pull, or rotate to gain entry.
Use your hip to open the lock by pushing.
Don’t have a hand free. Give the lock a nudge with that elbow.
Love the handleset styles.

Fresh Install Deadbolts & Door Hardware

Fresh Install Deadbolts & Door Hardware

Love that new house you purchased but wish it had some better door security?

No problem. ACME Locksmith can fresh install deadbolts in your existing house doors. We prep the door, provide the locks that match your existing style, brand and finish, and key them up to match your existing house keys. All at an affordable price. Here’s a photo of a door we just did a deadbolt installation on in Gilbert. We put on a Schlage commercial grade product that is far better than those locks you get at a home warehouse store.

Door without deadbolt.
Door without deadbolt.
Door with deadbolt installed
Door with Deadbolt Installation

Don’t forget, we can fresh install deadbolts (or keyless locks) to your side gates as well, and electronic deadbolts or the front door so you’ll never get locked out.

Affordable Touch Screen Deadbolt

Affordable Touch Screen Deadbolt

Looking for an affordable touch screen deadbolt for your home? Look no further than the lock specifically designed for and sold by locksmiths.

  • 4-8 digit entry codes
  • 25 user codes
  • Satin Nickel finish
  • All programming done from the touchscreen – no need to take apart the back of the lock
  • Vacation mode – temporarily disable all codes
  • Auto-lock – auto lock the door from 10 – 99 seconds after opening
  • Single entry code – set a code that can only be used once then it is deleted from memory

Our favorite electronic deadbolt for the home remains this deadbolt, but only because the style is a bit more modern. But for the price, this touchscreen electronic lock becomes very attractive.


FORD Keys About to Get More Expensive

FORD Keys About to Get More Expensive

Have a pre-2015 Ford? Only have one key? Save some money and get a backup key made now.

Ford is up to something, but what it is isn’t precisely clear yet.

What is clear is that it is getting very hard for us to find Ford keys for the 2011-2015 models. In fact, only one of our manufactures has these blanks in stock, and that manufacture is nearly twice as expensive as the rest. When they do run out, anyone with a pre-2015 Ford will need to buy the latest generation chip. A 128 bit chip that is even more expensive, driving prices up further.

Maybe that’s Ford’s plan? To stop making the less expensive keys in favor of a more expensive version? Or may it’s to bring all keys in house, so no third party can make copies of their keys. It’s hard to say.

But ACME Locksmith customers are covered for at least a little while. When we got this news we bought all the inventory we could find so we could keep delivering great prices. But it won’t last forever. If you’ve got a pre-2015 Ford, and need a spare key, get it while our inventory lasts.

Ford Transponder Key

$35-150 for a Standard Car key? That’s crazy!

$35-150 for a Standard Car key? That’s crazy!

We just received a call from a client. She had a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. Nothing fancy, nothing special. She just needed a backup key. It’s a good old fashion steal key (a mechanical key). Not a chip key, transponder, or FOB.

The first company she called, a legitimate company, wanted $150 to duplicate that key. That sounds insane to us for a mechanical key. But the company she called didn’t have a store (we have three). So if she had used them, she would have had to pay them to come out to her. Even still, $150 to come out and make a old-fashion car key is priced ridiculously high. See Price Gouging Update – Have Legitimate Companies Joined In?

The car dealer wanted $35 to make a copy of that key.

The ACME Locksmith price? $7.97 – $9.97.

We just saved her a bundle. That’s why we love our job. We’ll be seeing her in our Phoenix office soon.

We handle just about every type of car key imaginable. Chip keys, transponder keys, vats keys, remotes and FOBs; we do it all.

Price Gouging Update – Legitimate Businesses Join In?

Price Gouging Update – Legitimate Businesses Join In?

There’s a new disturbing trend that’s made it’s way to Phoenix. Locksmith businesses that appear to be legitimate are price gouging for their services.

We’ve often discussed on our website the current issue of scam locksmith companies. They promote $19-39 service calls “plus labor,” The scammers then charge up to 50X what a legitimate company would charge. These scam company receipts contain no company name or phone numbers, so if a consumer want to complain about their lock service, who are they going to complain to or about? If a number can be recalled, they just go to call centers where no one will assist them in dispute resolution.

This new wave of consumer abuse is based on the scam locksmith model. They’ve come to realize that customers will jump at the low-quoted service calls because they seem like a bargain, and then they too charge astronomical rates or dubious charges (charges written down on the receipt when the work was not actually performed). The difference is that these companies appear to be real companies. Their name and phone numbers are displayed on their receipts.

Here is one such receipt. This customer, a senior citizen, searched for “ACME Locksmith” on Google. Unfortunately, they called the first ad that was presented – which was not ACME Locksmith. They asked if they were talking to ACME Locksmith and were told they were. The company arrived for a rekey of one door. This job with any reputable company would be much less than $100. However, the receipt shows that a fresh installation was performed (a hole being drilled into the door to install a lock where no lock has existed before). But according to the customer this was NOT done. The company was onsite of less than 1/2 an hour and charged $328.

Locksmith fraud
There are no $29 Service Calls

The customer, a senior citizen, has asked us for our assistance in disputing this charge. Regrettably we have enough experience in assisting consumers that have been ripped off to know that she will lose her case. Because this company wrote a description of the work and she signed the receipt, she will not win. It wasn’t until after she signed that she reflected on the work done and realized the price seemed way to high. After not getting assistance from the lock company on the receipt, she called us.

The only tip off that this company was going to take advantage of this customer was their service charge quote of $29. When Google is charging these customer over $100 PER CLICK How can these companies only charge you $29 for a service fee? These companies are going to get that money back, one way or the other, and it’s at your expense.

There are no $14-$39 locksmiths. It’s a scam.

Business Robbed -The Importance of Latch Guards

Business Robbed -The Importance of Latch Guards

A latch guard is a sheet of metal that covers the latch on a door. Most often, they are installed on commercial exterior doors to prevent someone from prying the door open and easily gaining access to your business. The goal of prying open a door is to move the frame of the door just enough so the latch pops out of the frame and the door opens. This is usually accomplished by a breaker bar or some other long narrow object being inserted in the crack at the latch location. Latch guards prevent objects from being inserted into the crack near the commercial door latch thus the latch can’t be forced to pop out of the door frame.

Is it overkill? Not for this business. This is a fire riser room door.

Door That Was Not Secure and Pried Open.

Almost all Arizona commercial properties have one on the building. We were recently called out to perform emergency commercial door service to secure this door. The door was pried open by a burglar. He then cut a hole in the drywall of the fire riser room to gain access to the adjacent business. The business was cleaned out.

This is door after we finished the repair. Simple fixes can make big security improvements. Don’t skimp on door security.

Latch Guard Installed on Commercial Door to Prevent Prying Door Open