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ESL10 - Electronic Safe Lock
Our shop carries a variety of gun safes, drop safes, fireproof safes, data safes, floor safes, and more. What we don’t carry, we can order and have within 24-48 hours (typically).

  • Buy new and used safes online.
  • All safes always 10-50% off
  • FREE shipping when purchased online.
  • Upgrading? Ask about trade-in value.
  • Bought a safe at online or at Costco, Lowe’s, Home Depot? ACME can move the safe into your home and bolt it down.
  • Open safes, drill safes
  • Move safes throughout Phoenix
  • Install safes (bolt down)
  • Repair safes
  • Change safe combinations, retrieve safe combinations
  • Convert safes from dial to electronic keypad
  • Forgot how to work the safe dial? Safe dial instruction.
Don’t let this happen to you! This customer called our competitor first. The competitor, not knowing how to drill a safe, hacked away at this floor safe for two days before giving up on it. No worries though, ACME Locksmith got her in.