Pool, Gate, HOA Code Locks

Want Code Access for that Gate?

Locksmiths really can do it all, and coded gate locks are a large part of our job. Why install a coded gate pool locks?

1) Give codes to gates to landscapers, dog sitters, exterminators, etc… They won’t need to keep track of keys, and should those relationships go sour simply change the access code.

2) Stop would be criminals from freely walking into your back yard.

3) HOA gates? Give code(s) to home owners. They won’t need to keep track of keys and you won’t need to have hundreds of keys made when you want to prevent old tenants from getting in.

4) Child safety. Prevent children from accidentally gaining access to the pool area.

Have you seen this video on pool gates we posted all the way back on 2011? Get protected.

The lock shown below is a product for us that we installed at a retirement community. It’s mechanical instead of electronic and comes with a LIFETIME mechanical warranty.  Can’t beat that.  This particular gate lock is double sided, requiring a code to both enter and exist the pool. They installed this so someone with a code must always be present. In this case, due to the pools location it was allowed, but you need to check with your fire marshal to be certain. When the pools are near buildings, fire code may prevent it. We’ve installed hundreds of these locks which includes the modifications necessary to the gate.


It’s beautiful, affordable, and easy-to-use lock for many gate applications.