Arizona Alarm System Sales and Installation

ADT Alarm System, $0 Install

If you want a traditional alarm system, ACME Locksmith has partnered with ADT. We can have our ADT partner setup a walk through of your home to install an alarm system with no upfront cost.
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Low Cost, No-Monthly-Fee Arizona Alarm Systems

DIY or Fully Installed

ACME Locksmith sells and installs (if desired) a complete, no-monthly-fee, alarm system in the Phoenix Arizona area. This system pairs with your phone and allows you complete control using the provided alarm app.

ACME Locksmith is your all-in-one Arizona security partner. Not only do we handle all of your lock, key, and safe needs we can take care of your home alarm installation too! Our recommended security alarm works with your cell phone app for alarm notifications and live video.

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Unboxing and Testing of a NO-FEE Home Alarm System

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Alarm System Features

  • Beautifully designed control panel
  • Arm / disarm at the panel, by remote, by phone, or disarm by RFID card.
  • Receive app alerts when alarm is triggered even when app is not open on a Samsung device (Apple devices may require app be open for active notifications).
  • Alarm scheduling. Enable / Disable on a schedule
  • At home enabling and away enabling. Setup specific sensors to be on or off depending if you are inside the home or away from the home.
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras offer remote monitoring by cell phone.
  • Quick installation. Typically less than an hour for a standard setup.
  • Complete system with indoor camera, 2 door sensors, 2 motion sensors, RFID and remotes for under $150.
  • Option SIM Card (not supplied) allows system to call or text on alarm (this feature may require monthly charges from your cell phone provider).
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Alarm and Automation Upgrades Available

  • Smoke detectors, gas detectors.
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras (indoor cameras have microphone capability.
  • Outlet modules. Control outlets remotely.


  • A 2G WiFi band, system will not work with new systems that automatically switch between 2G and 5G. A seperate 2G channel must be broadcast from your WiFi

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