Alarm System Installation Throughout Phoenix Valley

No Up-Front Cost Alarm System Fully Installed $0

Alarm Systems Installed
Electronic / Keyless Access

ACME Locksmith is your all-in-one security partner. Not only do we handle all of you lock, key, and safe needs we can take care of your home alarm installation too. We have partnered with a great, local alarm company to offer a fully installed, no up-front cost, ADT Pulse Alarm System that will be fully installed within days (Phoenix metro locations).

Free Installation, No upfront cost, Alarm System

  • Touch screen control panel for at a glance system status and quick arm/disarm with the touch of a button.
  • Arm / disarm by remote. No need to hand out keys, just remotely let someone in and lock back up when they’ve gone.
  • Receive text alerts when door is locked or unlocked (requires optional electronic deadbolt). Great for knowing when your children arrive safely at home.
  • 1-2 Cameras offering remote monitoring by cell phone. Same free installation but wireless upgrade required.
  • Pet-immune motion sensors.
  • Sensors for three doors or windows.
  • Existing wired home? No problem, we connect to those sensors and place on ADT’s wireless monitoring system at no cost.
  • Quick installation. Fully installed within a few days of enrolling.
  • 24/7 burglary monitoring.
  • As little as $29/month for analog, $51/month wireless

Alarm and Automation Upgrades Available

  • Touch screen electronic deadbolt allows lock/unlock by phone (installed by ACME).
  • Smoke & heat detectors, glass break sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, Additional cameras and ¬†motion sensors.
  • Thermostat control by cell phone with temperature alert warnings.
  • Lighting modules. Control the light within your home automatically, remotely or from the touchscreen.

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