Are Hollon Safes Good Safes?

Are Hollon Safes Any Good?

At Acme Locksmith, we sell a lot of safes to our customers. Their needs range from just keeping their kids out of stuff that they shouldn’t be into, to high security TL vaults for jewelry and insurance reasons, to the safe storage of munitions.

We try to carry the best quality safe at a given price point. So, for example, we feel that our under $500 home safes will provide much better security than competing brand home safes at similar price points. That doesn’t mean that a home safe for under $500 is going to protect high-dollar valuables. It means, at that price, for that intent, we believe our safe gives you more protection and are a better value.

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We focus on the best at any given price at ACME, because we believe a safe is an investment. People should get the best they can afford and receive the best safe for what they could afford. For this reason, we carry and endorse Hollon brand safes.

Hollon Safe’s are Quality Safes

Are Hollon safes any good? Hollon safes are great safes. When you compare safes with similar ratings and features, Hollon safes often cost less yet offer much more value and security than other major safe manufactures. You get a heavier safe and that means a better built safe. We see Hollon offering the best safes in several categories at any given price point.

Why is Weight So Important in a Safe?

Weight usually indicates quality and quantity of the material construction of a safe. Heavier safes are made using more robust materials and more material. It’s a good indication of a better quality safe when looking at two similarly sized and rated safes. The better built safe will be the heavier safe. And heavier safes are harder to move if someone is trying to take one out of your home. Weight matters.

Why Hollon Builds a Better Safe

Hollon is one of the fastest growing safe companies in America. Started in 2008 by a former locksmith, Hollon Safe was created to bring affordable quality safes that exceed industry standards to the marketplace, often at 20-50% less than a competitor’s equivalent model.

They can do this by working directly with locksmiths and eliminate some of the middle-man costs associated in getting a safe into your home or business. We here at ACME Locksmith have carried their line of safes since 2011.

They are an American privately owned company, building safes right there in Corpus Christi, Texas. Their safes exceed industry standards in all their product lines, which range from data vaults that can keep the electronic contents safely under 125 degrees with 2 hours in a fire, to large gun vaults that can hold more than 40 weapons.

We, and our customers, have been very happy with the safes we sell from Hollon, and we’d like to introduce new customers to some of the most popular product lines.

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The Most Popular Hollon Safe Lines

If you need help determining which type of safe you should buy, check out our article on “How to Choose a Safe

The HS Series by Hollon – Affordable Home Safes

The HS Home Fire Safe Series is Hollon’s answer to the common, affordable home safe. Most competing home safes offer a 1-hour fire rating, and many now come with plastic casings.

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But, Hollon Home Safes provide 2-hour fire protection. And that’s at 1850F! What this means is that the content stored in a Hollon home safe won’t exceed 350F for two hours (that is the temperature at which paper starts to combust).

Most homes burn at about 1200 degrees and are exposed to that temperature for only about 17 minutes. So Hollon safes are offering one of the best fire proof safes on the market.

They range in size from a small microwave to about the size of a mini refrigerator to suit whatever needs the home owner may have. These have thicker walls and doors than the average home safe too. And, they come with a drop rating of 30 ft. This means that should you place the safe on a second story and the floor collapses during a fire, Hollon safes are rated to survive the fall.

When your primary concern is fire protection and basic security (keep people out of your stuff), Hollon Home Safes are one of your best safe options.

To compare, a popular home Sentry Safe (model SFW1232G) has the same volume (1.2cf) of a Hollon Model HS-610E. At the time of this writing the Sentry sells at Grainger for $353. We sell the Hollon HS-610E for $449.

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Let’s look at what you get for the extra $96.

  • You get double the safe fire rating, two hours instead of only one.
  • The Sentry safe weighs just 90 lbs, but the Hollon safe is 140 lbs! That is over a 150% increase in weight, meaning nearly double the steel.

Hollon gives you a far better safe for just a few dollars more.

The Hollon Fire Burglar (FB) Oyster Series Safes

The fire / burglary line of safes from Hollon also offer 2 hours of fire protection. This burglary safe line features:

  • 1.5” bolts,
  • Glass relocker (a relocker is a type of break-in prevention system) on all but the smallest safe.
  • Heavy duty vault hinges.
  • 1 inch thick internal locking rods
  • Even if the hinges are cut off, the door cannot be removed
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You can check out our video review of the Hollon Oyster Safes on YouTube.

This safe is midway between their home safe line and the more robust Commercial & TL-15 safes. They have models from 1.2cf to nearly 15cf (think “small refrigerator”).

Let’s look at the build of the Hollon FB-450E safe against a common competitor, the Mesa Safe Co. model MBF1512E.

Both are ‘B’ rated (see our article Burglary Ratings Explained), 2-hour fire and burglary safes of approximately the same exterior size.

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At the time of this writing, on Amazon, the MBF safe is $658. We sell the Hollon 450E at $899.

Why the difference in price? Again, weight is key. The weight per cubic foot is a great indicator of the safe’s build quality (see our article 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Safe).

Hinge Comparison

The MBF by Mesa weighs in at only 139 lbs. The Hollon weighs in at 242 lbs. That is over a 100 lb difference! A good example is the bolt size. The Mesa brand uses 1” diameter bolts, but the Hollon bolts are 1.5” — 50% thicker! And look at the difference in the hinges.When you start looking at burglary safes, you’re protecting valuables, not just paperwork. You want to start thinking about how the safe is built, its armor.

Do you want a lightweight safe designed to keep cost down, or do you want a similarly priced safe that’s built 2X better?

Hollon TL-15, TL-30 Safes

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Our high and clientele, particularly in Scottsdale, are looking for high security locks and safes. Hollon has also recently introduced a High Security Line of TL-15 / TL-30 Safe Vaults, which provides a great solution for those who need more protection.

This is a UL-rated line of safe to the TL-15 and TL-30 burglary ratings (Learn About Burglary Ratings).

The UL rating gives you a rather solid ground to compare safes between brands. It guarantees that the safe performs to that UL designation at a minimum. Many TL-30 safes come with concrete filled walls and solid, 3/8-1/2 inch thick exterior doors. What sets the Hollon Safe Vaults apart from the rest is it’s price point. You get the same UL-rated burglary protection but for thousands of dollars less than other major safe brands at similar sizes. These safes protect their content, without breaking the bank.

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Hollon put their MJ Series, a TL-30 safe, through testing that could only be called insane. It included punishment by experts wielding, going at it with sledgehammers, pickaxes, crowbars, pry bars, power saws, chisels, drills and rotating disc cutters with no luck whatsoever.

Hollon’s Gun Safe Line

Hollon also manufactures gun safes and is one of the fastest growing gun safes manufactures in the US. Gun safes deserve an entire article on their own and we’re almost done writing it! There are five lines of Hollon gun safes giving you plenty of flexibility to decide which is right for you.

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In Summary: Are Hollon safes any good? Yes!

When purchasing a safe, it’s important to educate yourself before making a purchase. There are a lot of inferior safes available at big box stores that just don’t measure up to the standards one should expect from a container designed to protect your valuables. This may be fine for some consumers, who perhaps just need to keep the kids from getting into the guns, for example. But if you’re investing your money in a safe to protect your valuables, do some homework. Knowing why you are choosing a particular safe is as important as the choice itself.

Hollon Safes are great safes and should be looked at first. You won’t have to break the bank in purchasing a safe to meet your needs. Check out our most popular Hollon safes available for purchase on our website. All safes come with free curbside delivery.

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