Are Safes Waterproof?

Last Updated on November 18, 2022

I Need a Waterproof Safe!

Is this safe waterproof?
Is This Safe Waterproof?

We hear this a lot at ACME Locksmith, but can a safe be waterproof? It comes down to a couple of questions: how much water and for how long.

There are a number of reasons why you might want a water-proof safe. Maybe you live in an area prone to occasional flooding. Or perhaps, in the event of a fire, you’re worried about when the firefighters try to put it out.  There are available solutions, but:

ETL Waterproof Certification

Safes are not waterproof. Safes can be ETL verified as ‘water resistant’ at a specified depth, for a specified period of time. Water-resistant certified safes have other limitations though, such as not being designed to protect valuables.

Water Protection Safe Ratings

Like safe fire ratings (see our YouTube video Fire Ratings Explained), Intertek ETL certifies safes for water protection. ETL water protection ratings are defined for a given amount of time in a given depth of water. If you want water protection look for an ETL certification mark.

You may find safes with the following ETL water protection ratings: completely submerged or ‘water up to’ a set number of inches.

When they use number of inches, it means that the safe will not be completely submerged.

For example, Sentry Fire Rated Home Safes on Amazon, and others like it, are ETL verified against water damage up to 8 inches deep for 24 hours, but this particular safe is 18 inches tall.

But this Sentry Fire Box on Amazon can be fully submerged for up to 72 hrs.

And this DNYKER Home Safe on Amazon claims to be waterproof but lists NO ETL or other water protection verification.

Avoid safes making waterproof claims that have no official verification from the ETL or other verifying agency. These safes are normally internally certified. The values stated may indeed hold true, but then, they may not.

What is the best Fireproof and Waterproof Safes?

You’ll notice none of the above listed safes / fire boxes look to be very secure. That’s because they are not. The way safes get their water protection is to be completely sealed, and most of the safe that are completely sealed are made of fireboard, or some other fire-resistant material, encased entirely in plastic, so there are no seams or holes anywhere in the body. This is then accompanied by a rubber seal around the door.

The best fireproof and waterproof safe will be a safe with a solid, no-seam body entirely encased in plastic with a rubber, often grooved, door seal. To be “waterproof” to the stated rating, a waterproof safe must be accompanied with an ETL mark (logo) or other certification agency mark).

Though water proof safes don’t provide any true protection against theft or burglary, they do provide an incredible value for those looking just for water and fire protection. You can find many water resistant safes on Amazon at great prices.

Are There Waterproof Gun Safes

How to you get water protection in a gun safe or a more secure burlgary rated safe?

See our article, “Are Gun Safes Waterproof?” for your solution.

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