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Car Key & Auto Remote Services



  • Laser Cut High Security Sidewinder Keys
    Laser Cut High Security Keys
  • Auto Key Remote Combo
    Remote Head Auto Key
  • Make Key for Ignitions
    Bring us your car locks and ACME Locksmith can make a key to them.
  • Vehicle FOBs
    Proximity FOBs
  • Rekey & Repair Door Locks
    Rekey & Repair Door Locks
  • Traditional Car Remotes
    Traditional Car Remotes
  • For Broken Clips on Car Remotes
    Quick Fix for Broken Clips
  • Vats keys
    VATS Keys


  • Key not turning? Check out our helpful article: 8 Things to Try When Your Key Stops Turning the Ignition
  • Duplicate car keys: standard, transponder, VATS keys, and high security car keys
  • Program keys and car remotes to your vehicle (even if purchased elsewhere)
  • Sell, replace & program car remotes.
  • Over 500 car keys and 400 vehicle remotes in stock every day. GM, Ford keys, Honda, Kia, Lexus, Nissan keys, Toyota, Hyundai and more….
  • Need a car key made? We can make car keys when all existing auto keys have been lost.
  • Program keys (transponder keys)
  • Replace car FOBs (that little device that automatically unlocks the car and allows you to start your car when you’re close to it)
  • Car dealers, fleet, auction houses, and owner-direct services for transponder keys, laser keys, and remotes

Quick Q&A

There is no such thing as a $29-$49 locksmith. It is a scam and they will price gauge you upon arrival by telling you they have to use special equipment or that our locks are high security. Legitimate locksmiths in our Phoenix area charge around $80-$100 for an unlock service during standard hours and will quote you a TOTAL price upfront. No hidden charges.
When your key is not turning there are 8 simple things to try before calling a locksmith. Check out our article What to Try When my Key Stops Turning.
Need a duplicate. Using a locksmith can considerably less than the dealer. Locksmiths can cut and program nearly all automotive keys, including laser cut keys and FOBs, manufacture in the US, Japan, and Korea. However, if your car comes out of Germany, you will (must likely) need the dealer or a manufacture-certified mechanic.
In some instances, yes. Certain year, makes and models allow it, but mainly the older ones. Some newer models allow you to program the remote portion of the FOB but the key still needs to be done by the locksmith for the car to run. When ordering from our website, the directions to program the remote yourself are shown when you are able to do it. Just look up your car and check for the instructions.
Locksmiths can repair, replace and rekey ignitions and door locks. One of the most common services is the rekey. When your car's lock or ignition fails, bring the replacement into your local locksmith shop before installing it. They will key it up to your existing car key.

Car/ Motorcycle Locks & Ignition Keys Made

  • Damaged car lock? Replace and repair ignitions and locks
  • Re-key ignitions to work with a new set of keys if your keys are stolen
  • Repair broken automotive keys
  • Ignition won’t turn? We replace worn out keys and ignitions
  • Retrieve combination to door keypad locks (like those found on Fords)
  • Hideakeys

How to Save Money on Car Remotes & Keys

Locked out of your car?

  • Emergency car unlock service for the Phoenix Valley.
  • Well-marked vehicles! You’ll know it’s a qualified technician arriving to unlock your vehicle.

Car Dealer, Fleet,and Auction House Scheduled Service Plans

Are you missing spare keys and remotes for your cars?

Do you want to offer your customers free car unlock service that sets you apart from your competition?

Eliminate sales slowdowns by ensuring your cars all have a full set of remotes and keys.

Your customers are asking you to provide these spare keys and remotes or they negotiating lower prices when they don’t have them. They’ve heard the horror stories about replacements costing hundreds of dollars, and they will use it at some point in the sales process as a negotiation point.

ACME Locksmith can help you provide a superior sales experience by taking care of your key and remote needs.

  • Eliminate customer sales slowdowns and objections based on keys and remotes!
  • Be known for great service! Provide a full set of keys and remotes for every vehicle sold
  • On site, bi-weekly and weekly scheduled appointments for a flat fee
  • Pay additional only for the keys you need
  • Most keys done immediately after you’ve received a new vehicle for sale
  • Never go longer than one week without a full set of keys and remotes
  • Keys made and programmed for nearly all car manufactures including but not limited to Ford, GM Chevy, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Acura, Buick, Cadillac,Dodge , Isuzu, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Oldsmobile, Saturn, Subaru, Suzuki, and more
  • Retrieve combination to door keypad locks (like those found on Fords)
  • On site repair available for sticky ignitions or bad door and trunk locks