Did Schlage Blow it With Their New Lock?

Did Schlage Blow it With this Lock? 

Schlage’s newest lock has hit the market and we’ll be getting our hands on one soon so we can thoroughly test it for strength, flaws, and durability.  But in our opinion, there’s already one very glaring, obvious flaw.

Do you see it? Or maybe I should say, “Do you not see it?”

That’s right. There’s no override key. What do you do if the batteries die or the keypad malfunctions? Schlage’s marketing team is touting this as a strength because you don’t have to carry keys anymore. And, it certainly makes the lock bump and pick proof. But here’s the issue, when the batteries are dead, you’re locked out.

Schlage’s development team believes they’ve addressed this issue by borrowing a bit of technology we see all the time in electronic safe locks. They put a battery jumper at the base of the lock. By holding a 9v battery up to the lock’s jumper terminals you will give the lock just enough juice to open.

But is that better than carrying a key? How often will you have a charged 9 volt battery with you so you can get in? Sure, if you’re locked out you can get back in your car and head to the nearest Phoenix store to pick up a battery, but what a pain in the arse.  And what if it’s not you that’s locked out? What if it’s your child that just came home from school?

I’d rather they have the safety and convenience of a backup spare key.

Poorly played Schlage. Poorly played.