Do You Want Someone Having a Key to Your Business?

Do you want your employees to have keys to your business? If an employee leaves your employment on bad terms, how will you know they haven’t made a key to your companies door locks?

For many years, companies have been relying on keys stamped “Do Not Duplicate” or DND. But a DND key no longer offers ANY protection against duplication. Nowadays anyone can make a copy of your business key at any time. Watch this video to see why do no duplicate keys no longer offer any copy protection and to learn how to protect your keys.


This is a “Do not duplicate key.” Now do not duplicate keys have been used for years by business owners and communities in order to protect your keys from being duplicated. The idea was really simple. Take your key to a professional, they see a DND stamp and they know not to make a copy of the key unless the person is authorized.

Well, with the advent of the big box store, a lot of that protection was removed as uneducated, inexperience staff would make copies for just about anyone. However, there was still a level of protection as people who were familiar with DND keys wouldn’t cut the key. However, that has all changed.

Do not duplicate keys now offer you ZERO protection against duplication. Automated machinery can now duplicate keys for the most common keys available. Here I’m at a big box store using one of these automated machines. You can see I’m sliding a do not duplicate key into the machine. They machine accepts the key and makes a copy, never looking at the do not duplicate stamp.

Now your employees, or members of your HOA community, can take your do not duplicate keys into any big box store and make as many copies as they want.

So what’s the solution? Restricted keyways. Restricted keyways are just that. Keys that can only be duplicated by some on that has access to that keyway. Most likely a lock or security professional. To implement a restricted keyway system so unauthorized copies still can’t be duplicated, you just replace the cylinders in some of your existing hardware so they use a different keyway. These keyways aren’t available at the key cutting machines or home clubs so it can’t be copied. When you take that key to a security professional any they see that stamp, they’re not going to duplicate it either unless that person has authorization. That way when you get your key back you know no unauthorized copies have been made and you don’t need to have your business rekeyed to protect yourself because you stay protected.

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