“Free Car Unlocks? Why are You Doing That!?!”

Why Does ACME Unlock Cars for Free?

When we started providing free car unlocks to Phoenix-metro residents, our competitors were dumbfounded. Even some of our customers didn’t understand  it. After all, isn’t this how locksmiths make their living?

Well, not any more. Unlocking vehicles is only a small fraction of the services we provide. We work on every component of a door (the locks, door closer, panic bars, access control, etc…), make keys for cars (even the new transponder keys, remotes and FOBs), repair ignitions, and sell, move and open safes; just to name a few. Unlocking vehicles is maybe 5% of our modern services.

So why are we giving away car unlocks?

Locksmith fraud has become a national problem. You can read all about it our Lock Knowledge Center  (with real stories and customer receipts), but basically these crooks prey on consumers with a bait and switch routine. Quote ’em low, price gouge you when they get there. They tell you it’s $15 plus labor to get into a car. The customer’s first thought, “How much can the labor be?” But once the crook unlocks the vehicle, and has your keys in their hands, you find out that the labor charge is over $200.

As you can imagine, there’s not much repeat business for these crooks, so almost all of their advertising centers around car unlocks. They know that legitimate companies will quote a fair price. So the scammers just under quote to create the illusion of a deal so that they can take the business away from the qualified, legitimate company

Until now. We want the scammers source of revenue  removed. We’d like them out of town. Anyone with a free car unlock decal on their vehicle can call ACME and we’ll unlock that car for free during standard business hours. Don’t have one? Register your car and we’ll mail you the decals. No cost, no dues, nothing. It’s free. Even if you have AAA, no harm in having a backup. If AAA can’t get there quickly, give us a call. We usually can.

The next question we get is, “Why require the decal?” Well, basically it allows us to know how many people we can support. We are a small company, so we have limited capacity. By tracking how many free car unlock decals are out there, and tracking how many calls we’re providing for free, we get a better understanding of the total number of cars we can support and manage to stay in business. So get your decal today!