How Much Security is Too Much Security?

How much home security is too much home security? The answer isn’t clear cut because it depends on many factors. But those factors often boil down to this: How much is peace of mind worth to you?

If you’ve been a victim of abuse or a home break-in, home security is likely worth more to you than to someone that hasn’t experienced these things. If you’ve just had children, it’s probably worth more too. But if you’ve never experienced these things, we’ve found you’re much more likely to spend $3000 on the latest TV than $10 to improve your home’s security–even when a non-locksmith can get into your home in under 30 seconds.

The photo here shows a customer that had us install two additional deadbolts on her door. Overkill? Maybe. Maybe not. There are two great benefits to what they did:

  1. Any force used on the door to try to get it open would be distributed over a greater area. Thus, the door is much more difficult to kick or smash in because it will require more force due to the distribution. It will be much more difficult to split the wood of the jam or the door.
  2. The deadbolts used here are half deadbolts. That is, someone standing outside the door would have no way of knowing they are installed. The deadbolts only show on the inside half of the door. Here the benefit is that they can’t be picked or bumped open because there’s no keyhole in which to attack.

If you’re not looking to go to this level of security, there are a few quick and easy home security improvements that can make a big difference. All are very affordable and do not require a locksmith. If you’re handy, your can take care of them yourself.


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