Is This Bad Locksmith Service?

What constitutes bad lock service and warrants a bad review?

Locksmithing is a services-based business, and ACME Locksmith deals with thousands of customers every year. I can tell you, it’s HARD to get someone to publically praise your company! Once their emergency is taken care of, the kids have to be taken to school, work has to be done, life just gets in the way, and writing a review about locksmith service just isn’t a priority.

But bad reviews are different. People like to be heard when something goes wrong. You can make 1000 customers happy and maybe see one positive review on google, but make just one customer unhappy, and you’re guaranteed to see that post.

Bad Locksmith Reviews

But what’s fair when it comes to a bad review?

We are seeing a growing trend. People who are not using our service are writing bad reviews. This seems crazy to me. Is it fair to write a bad review of a lock company you did not use?

We recently had a customer call us needing us to come out for an emergency safe opening. Our safe technician was already drilling several safes that day and we couldn’t take care of her needs in the time frame she needed. We apologized and provider her the name of company that we thought might be able to help. They did, and she got into her safe. Though we couldn’t help her ourselves, we did provide her the name of a competitor that we thought could. Is this good service? Apparently not. She wrote a scathing review of our lock company because we could not service her in her time frame.

A few nights ago we took a call from a customer down the street from one of our locations. He was locked out of his car. Though he was near our shop, our field locksmiths are out on the road providing mobile locksmith service for our customers. We placed the call on hold while we called several of our locksmith technicians to see how soon we could get to him. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get to him in time to meet his needs. So we gave him the name and number of another locksmith company nearby that we felt might be able to help him. They did. We put him on the path to solving his problem. Good service? Nope. He scolded us online for having him on hold too long and not being able to send someone out.

We’d love nothing more than to be able to take care of every person in Phoenix needing our locksmith service. Believe me, we’re a small business, every call counts. It pains me when we have to turn away a call. Some companies may fudge and give you faster ETAs in order to book your business. They’ll tell you 15 minutes to arrive but you won’t see them for 2 hours. Ethically, we just can’t do that. It’s more important to us to find someone that can help you, even when it’s a competitor, than to get the business under false pretense. If this is bad service, we’re guilty.