Car Key Sticking? Your Ignition May Be Failing.

With all that Arizona dust, your car’s ignition starts to gunk up after several years. One day you step out to your car and your car key won’t turn the ingition. That job costs hundreds of dollars to fix since the ignition will likely have to be replaced and ACME’s valley-wide, Phoenix mobile locksmith service will need to go to your location to take care of the problem (or, if you don’t use ACME,  you need to tow your car into a dealer or auto repair shop).

But wait! There’s good news. Most of the time you get a warning that the car’s ignition is going to fail. Your key will start sticking when you turn the ignition. That’s the time to bring the car to our lock shop so we can remove, clean and repair any damaged or gunked-up waivers in your ignition.

Why do ignitions fail? As already mentioned, Phoenix is a dusty town. Once an ignition starts to stick a little, most people’s first reaction is to spray wd-40 into the key hole, and this seems to solve the issue at first. But that is one on of the worst things you can do. The wd-40 acts like a magnet to Arizona dust and it will eventually turn into a gooey, sticky mess. When you first feel the lock sticking, you can spray silicon based lubricate into the key hole to buy yourself some time, but you will still want to bring the car into our locksmith shop to have the ignition pulled, inspected for wear, and cleaned.

And there’s also just plain wear and tear. That car key turns you ignition at least twice a day, day after day, week after week, year after year. The wafers inside the ignition that code the ignition to your car key are very thin. Eventually the crack and then split. Arizona dust exacerbates this problem.

Don’t get caught stranded. When you first feel the problem, have the car checked out at one of our locksmith shops.

Ignition taken apart


Damaged wafers that caused the ignition to fail