App KeyMe Copies Your Key from a Photo…for Anyone!

KeyMe Will Copy Your Key from a Photo for Anybody.

The new app KeyMe will send anyone your key to anyone that has a picture of it. In the screenshots shown, I tell KeyMe that I am copying my girlfriends key from a photo to break in to her home when she’s not there, and they’re eager to help me out!

Anyone can simply snap a picture of your home or business key and have it mailed directly to them. Voila! They are in your home or business.

Here’s how it works.

Say you have your keys lying on the counter, or on your desk at work, or on a table while out at dinner.

Who ever is with you (that date from Tinder, the slightly more than jealous ex-girl/boy friend that you’re trying to be just friends with, an acquaintance from work/school, or a disgruntled employee) only needs to snap a quick photo of that key. They send the photo of the key to the app and an exact copy of your key is mailed to them. BOOM! They have a key to your home or your business. KeyMe will also copy Do Not Duplicate keys of your business key, when they are standard keyways, using their Kiosks or from a photo on the app.

This is a gross violation of your safety! Why would they do this? Why would they risk it liability?

Don’t want to wait for the key to be mailed to you? They will provide you the cuts to the key and say “take it to a locksmith to have the key made” for emergency situations.

I can tell you. WE WILL NOT BE CUTTING KEYS FROM THIS APP. I don’t know who that key is for. I can’t verify you have access rights to the property from a photo. If I cut that key, I’m putting you at risk. ACME Locksmith will not do it.

How Can You Stop KeyMe from Copying Your Key?

This is not the only company offering keys made from photos. These services are popping up everywhere. Here’s what you can do:

  • The only way to stop this from happening for certain is to have you home placed on a keyway that is not available from KeyMe. They are only performing this service for the most common keyways, not restricted keyways. Restricted keyways can only be copied by credible locksmith or security companies because they are not readily available.
  • Short of that, caution is necessary. Keep your keys hidden. Don’t throw them on the counter at the bar, or leave them on your desk at work. Relationships fall apart, employees leave, etc….Don’t leave your keys out so someone can snap a picture.