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Tommy at our Scottsdale shop got to work repairing this AMSEC safe. Read More
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Safes are suppose to be secure. A fortress for your valuables. Tough, sturdy and rugged are the words I would use to describe the safes we sell. Found this image floating around the internet. Fragile? Really? LOL. Remember folks.Safes are like parachutes. If you ever need one, you don’t want it to be poorly made. Get american made and other high quality safes at http://www.shop.acmelocksmith.com Read More
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The story isn’t new, but the problem isn’t going away. In the past week ACME Locksmith was contacted by two news teams investigating locksmith scams. In both cases the customers paid nearly $400 for services that should have cost comfortably under $100 by any reputable company.   How Can I Find a Good Locksmith? 1) Hire a locksmith that is registered as an Arizona Contractor. Arizona does not require locksmiths to be licensed so a Read More
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I can’t tell you how excited I am to start off the new year with this news! Our merger brings together two of the valley’s best lock companies to offer you benefits not found anywhere else. Three valley locations: Mesa, Phoenix, and now Scottsdale! ACME is the only lock company in AZ with more than one shop. Bring your lock and key needs to us so you never have to pay for a service call. Read More
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Why Does ACME Unlock Cars for Free? When we started providing free car unlocks to Phoenix-metro residents, our competitors were dumbfounded. Even some of our customers didn’t understand  it. After all, isn’t this how locksmiths make their living? Well, not any more. Unlocking vehicles is only a small fraction of the services we provide. We work on every component of a door (the locks, door closer, panic bars, access control, etc…), make keys for cars Read More
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When a new lock is released to the market, there are signs that indicate if it will fail. Take Schlage’s new SecureKey lock product. The SecureKey product was designed specifically in answer to the Kwikset Smartkey product. These products were designed so that a home owner can rekey your own lock and get much improved bump and pick resistant technology. However, early indications on the Schlage product tell me that’s it’s going to lose out to the Read More
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….and the price keeps climbing… What am I talking about? Those Google Adword campaigns. Adwords are the ads displayed by Google at the top and right side of an internet search. Advertisers pay Google every time those ads are clicked. In our market, Phoenix Locksmiths, the price for those ads has been steadily climbing. Today, to get an ad placed just on the first page, it will cost a locksmith $24 per click! The top Read More
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