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Kwikset Home Electronic Deadbolt
With the onslaught of lock vendors introducing their new touchscreen deadbolts we recently installed Kwikset’s newest 915 series. I thought I’d pass along our thoughts. If you’re not sure why you’d want one, check out our post You Want a Home Electronic Deadbolt Like Schlage’s newest entry in the market, we found the Kwikset version to be stunningly beautiful but flawed. On the plus side: Installation is easy if you are swapping out an existing deadbolt Read More
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Is this the best locksmith in Phoenix?
Locksmith Claims of Superiority – Be Cautious When Hiring “The best…,” ” #1…,” “99.9% Satisfaction” and other claims of superiority by service companies can be found all over Arizona. It can be a bit overwhelming to consumers looking for a service provider. For example, in Phoenix there are at least three locksmith companies claiming to be “#1,” and ACME Locksmith is one of them. There are numerous more claiming to be “the best”, “the fastest”, Read More
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Here’s a BIG commercial door security weakness we see all the time. Locks without latch guards. If you don’t protect the latch in that lever, any stiff card can be used to slide that door right open. This includes credit cards. This one door lock fail really is as easy to open as the movies.   So the door can close when the latch is out, the tip of the latch is angled so it slides Read More
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With all that Arizona dust, your car’s ignition starts to gunk up after several years. One day you step out to your car and your car key won’t turn the ingition. That job costs hundreds of dollars to fix since the ignition will likely have to be replaced and ACME’s valley-wide, Phoenix mobile locksmith service will need to go to your location to take care of the problem (or, if you don’t use ACME,  you Read More
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[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_SOCIAL_ICONS] Mobile Welding & Repair Do you know Locksmiths can help you with your spot welding needs? Why? Mechanical Access Control Installed on a Side Gate by ACME Locksmith One part of our job is to add deadbolts and access control to customer side gates. When we do this we have to cut out the gate and weld in a gate box to support the new locks. Because of these our locksmith know how to Read More
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Did Schlage Blow it With this Lock?  Schlage’s newest lock has hit the market and we’ll be getting our hands on one soon so we can thoroughly test it for strength, flaws, and durability.  But in our opinion, there’s already one very glaring, obvious flaw. Do you see it? Or maybe I should say, “Do you not see it?” That’s right. There’s no override key. What do you do if the batteries die or the Read More
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At ACME  Locksmith, we sell quality safes. That’s why we were shocked to see the quality of this safe at one of those big box stores. To be sold cheap, they have to be made cheap. When you want an american made or quality import safe, visit us at http://shop.acmelocksmith.com.       Read More
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Tommy at our Scottsdale shop got to work repairing this AMSEC safe. Read More
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Safes are suppose to be secure. A fortress for your valuables. Tough, sturdy and rugged are the words I would use to describe the safes we sell. Found this image floating around the internet. Fragile? Really? LOL. Remember folks.Safes are like parachutes. If you ever need one, you don’t want it to be poorly made. Get American made and other high quality safes at http://www.shop.acmelocksmith.com Read More
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The story isn’t new, but the problem isn’t going away. In the past week ACME Locksmith was contacted by two news teams investigating locksmith scams. In both cases the customers paid nearly $400 for services that should have cost comfortably under $100 by any reputable company.   How Can I Find a Good Locksmith? 1) Hire a locksmith that is registered as an Arizona Contractor. Arizona does not require locksmiths to be licensed so a Read More
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