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Door Hardware Styles – Trends A New Contemporary Lever with Hard Lines and EdgesIf you haven’t seen our article on the Latest in Door Hardware Finishes, including antimicrobial coatings, it is a good compliment to this article and should be read before or after going through this article. Here, I’m going to discuss the trends in lock styles, that is, the actual look of the lock sets that are gaining in popularity among our locksmith Read More
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What are the New Door Hardware Finish Trends? Kwikset Lever in Iron BlackJust as with fashion, door hardware styles and finishes change over time as manufacturers try to capitalize on trends in architectural styles and consumer awareness. Door hardware can be considered an ‘accessory’ item that can make dramatic changes to the appearance of your home, but with the newest finishes coming out with anti-bacterial coatings, they can also be something that impacts your health. Read More
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The Best, DIY, Indoor Affordable Home Security Cameras on Amazon Wyze Cam Pan is One of My Favorite Indoor Cameras ACME Locksmith recently wrote an article Comparing DIY Home Security Systems. I then took my favorite, unboxed it, demoed it and installed it in my home. Here’s a link to my No-Monthly Fee Affordable Home Alarm Install – Locksmith Recommended video on YouTube. One of the questions I keep getting about that video is what Read More
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Video Doorbell Comparison – Which is the Best Video Doorbell? If you subscribe to the ACME Locksmith YouTube channel, you know that I love the Video Door bell I use on my home by Skybell and you’ve probably watched me unbox and install another favorite of mine, the EZVIZ. Here, I review 7 video doorbells available in 2020. My favorite video door bells for my customers are the ones that don’t require monthly fees to Read More
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What You Need to Know Before Buying New Locks When you’ve made the decision to buy new locks for your home, there are some critical terms and measurements to know. This article explains what you need to know to replace door hardware successfully, the FIRST time. A locksmith shop or door hardware showroom will need these answers to choose the right versions of the door lock products you select in order to make a smooth Read More
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How To Lock A Filing Cabinet Our number one request in small lock solutions is for filing cabinet locks. There are a few possible situations, and a locksmith can help you with all of them. When you need to lock a filing cabinet, you might: just need a filing cabinet key, want to replace a missing lock, or are looking to add a lock to the filing cabinet. Depending on the application, you can lock Read More
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In our article “How to Lock Drawers” we discussed several types of locks that also lend themselves well to locking cabinet doors. The nice part about cabinet door locks is that there is always a door to easily attach the lock to, and there is always ample surfaces in which to secure the latching component of the lock. This allows for several other products to be used to lock the cabinet door so you can Read More
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[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_SOCIAL_ICONS] Types of Drawer Locks We get calls all the time asking how to secure things like desk drawers, garage cabinets and other small cabinet spaces. In most situations, these aren’t needing to be anything robust, just something to keep honest people honest or maybe little kids away from where they ought not be prying. So the drawer locking solutions can run from the basic to the more advanced when security is indeed the primary Read More
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In our recent blog posts, The Best Smart Locks for AirBnB, and our 3 Affordable Home Electronic Deadbolts, we discussed some of our favorite affordable home electronic locks. The difference between those two articles is that AirBnB and Home Rental Units require additional offsite monitoring capabilities that most home owners would like to have, but just didn’t really need to have. Yale Assure Connected by August Offsite electronic lock monitoring added expense, hardware components, and Read More
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What is Building Egress Code? “Egress” is a building term that refers to “a means or place of going out”. In other words, it’s an exit. Both commercial buildings and residential homes contain codes regarding the paths of egress. Any door that is along the path of exit (the egress path) is considered an Egress Door. That is, if someone needs to go through that door to exit the building, then that door is an Read More
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