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Lock Grades 1 2 3 Explained The ANSI lock grading system was developed to setup a standard testing procedure to measure the strength and durability of a lock. The ANSI lock grade system provides an indication as to the quality of the lock being purchased. The system is composed of three lock grades. Lock Grades Explained What is Lock Grade 3? Grade 3 Deadbolts are the Least Secure and NOT RecommendedLock grade 3 is the Read More
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Purchasing a safe can be a big investment, but how do you know you’re getting the right safe for your needs? Safe burglary ratings can be very confusing. What do b-rated, c-rated, RSC, TL15, and TL30 burglar ratings mean? Here, I break down the common safe burglary ratings so you know what they are, and you can make a safe purchase with the confidence of understanding what level of security you are buying. There are Read More
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Free Standing Pool Fence
Arizona Swimming Pool Code & Lock Requirements Here in Arizona, home of Acme Locksmith, a good percentage of homes have in-ground swimming pools.  We have the perfect climate for them, and having a swimming pool means you can entertain in another space at your home almost the whole year round.  But a swimming pool can also be a hazard source, and each year we hear in the news of drownings; the saddest instances are when Read More
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What Type of Locks are Available? Common Lock Types & Functions What types of locks are there? What do you want to secure a cabinet? Lock a gate? What is the difference between a latch and a bolt? We’ll walk you through it in this article. Jump to: Types of locks by locking application Types of home locks Pro Tip: How to Fix Your Home Latches Types of business locks Other resources: Types of locks Read More
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How to Secure Your Home Windows Against Break-ins Protect Windows from Burglars Adequate home security involves more than just your doors. While most break-ins occur through front, back, and garage entry ways, nearly a quarter of break-ins occur through windows. Most window lock systems, especially on older homes, were designed to protect against the elements of the outdoors–not an intruder–so improving the security of your windows is important. Despite the very basic fact that windows Read More
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When Should a Business Rekey Their Building? When you’ve terminated an employee or just moved your business into a new location, perhaps maybe even a theft, it’s time to rekey you business locks. Rekeying your locks means that only authorized team members will have keys to your business (and even those employees will only have keys to the doors they need). But what does it cost to rekey a business? Table: Cost to Rekey Business Read More
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Rekeying a Lock Cylinder
How Much Does it Cost to Rekey A Home Lock? House Rekey Just bought a home? Just tossed your roommate? Fired your cleaning crew or no longer need that house sitter? It’s time to rekey your locks! How much is a rekey? This post will give you the information you need to understand the rekeying process, and the costs associated with it. As the table “Cost to Rekey a Home” below shows, the cost to Read More
Double door with vertical rod panic devices.
How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Panic Bar? An “Exit Device”, also known as a “Panic Bar” or “Crash Bar” is hardware designed to be installed on the secured side (inside) of a door which opens outward. It provides single motion, almost effortless, ease in exiting the door; while also providing security against intrusion. Most people never even think about them until something goes wrong and they stop operating correctly. Technically, these exit Read More
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How Much Does it Cost for a Duplicate Car Key in Arizona? The total cost of a duplicate key depends on the technology involved in a vehicle’s ignition system. Beginning in the 1990’s, auto manufacturers started adding computer chip technology to their keys for additional key security, and technologies have progressed even further since then. Who You Use is Just One Factor That Determines the Cost for Duplicate Keys In general, newer model car keys Read More
How to Replace an Existing Door Lock Replacing a door lock is a simple process that most homeowners can readily handle. This helpful guide will make sure you’ve done it right. If you are looking for directions to fresh install a lock (that is, drill the holes because no lock is already on the door), visit our “How to Install a Deadbolt – Door Preparation for New Lock Installation.” Replacing a door lock can be Read More
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