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Rekeying a Lock Cylinder
How Much Does it Cost to Rekey A Home Lock? House Rekey Just bought a home? Just tossed your roommate? Fired your cleaning crew or no longer need that house sitter? It’s time to rekey your locks! How much is a rekey? This post will give you the information you need to understand the rekeying process, and the costs associated with it. As the table “Cost to Rekey a Home” below shows, the cost to Read More
Double door with vertical rod panic devices.
How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Panic Bar? An “Exit Device”, also known as a “Panic Bar” or “Crash Bar” is hardware designed to be installed on the secured side (inside) of a door which opens outward. It provides single motion, almost effortless, ease in exiting the door; while also providing security against intrusion. Most people never even think about them until something goes wrong and they stop operating correctly. Technically, these exit Read More
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How Much Does it Cost for a Duplicate Car Key in Arizona? The total cost of a duplicate key depends on the technology involved in a vehicle’s ignition system. Beginning in the 1990’s, auto manufacturers started adding computer chip technology to their keys for additional key security, and technologies have progressed even further since then. Who You Use is Just One Factor That Determines the Cost for Duplicate Keys In general, newer model car keys Read More
How to Replace an Existing Door Lock Replacing a door lock is a simple process that most homeowners can readily handle. This helpful guide will make sure you’ve done it right. If you are looking for directions to fresh install a lock (that is, drill the holes because no lock is already on the door), visit our “How to Install a Deadbolt – Door Preparation for New Lock Installation.” Replacing a door lock can be Read More
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French Door Terminology
Support our Articles / Videos Support Our Blog! How to Secure French Doors from Burglars French doors are one of the weakest security points in your home due to two individual doors meeting in the middle. When they are not properly locked, or the locks provided during the installation have not been modified, these doors can be made to easily swing open even when the deadbolt and door lever have been locked. As a locksmith Read More
How to Adjust Door Closer Speed Adjusting a Surface Mount Door Closer An hydraulic door closer is a mechanical device which automatically closes a door using springs and a system of chambers filled with a hydraulic fluids to control the motion/speed of the door. The most common door closer adjustments are: The close swing (or ‘sweep’) speed – adjusting the door closing speed. The latching speed – the last few inches of the door closing Read More
How to Check Crime Rate Before Buying a Home? When you’re buying a home, one of the most important factors in that decision is the safety of the neighborhood. This is especially true if you have a family with small children. Luckily there are several online resources that will report crime rates and statistics with information displayed in easy-to-read maps. Types of Neighborhood Crime Rate Statistics How many robberies have occurred near a home? How Read More
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How to Strengthen a Commercial Door – Steel, Aluminum/Glass or Wood By default, most commercial doors do not come with the security improvements necessary to make them as secure as they can be. In fact, by default most commercial door locks can be bypassed in minutes by nearly anyone wanting to break into a business. To improve your commercial door security, a few of the things to do are the same as those to reinforce Read More
Support our Articles / Videos Support Our Blog! How to Open a Safe When You’ve Lost Your Combination At ACME Locksmith we sell safes, repair and work on all kinds of safes. One frequent question we get is, “I don’t have the safe combination, how do I open a safe?” What to Try When You Don’t Have a Safe Combination There are several reasons why you might need to find the combination to a safe: Read More
What To Do If You’ve Lost Your Keys What should you do once you realize you have misplaced your car, home or another key? Everyone has lost a key at one time or another. They are small, slide to back of cluttered drawers, fall out of pockets and purses and slip out of hands easily. If you have lost your keys, don’t panic. There are a number of things that can be done to get Read More
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