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What is the Best Padlock for Your Application? Padlocks come in different sizes, with different ways to open and with different levels of security. They can be priced from just a few dollars to several hundreds of dollars. But which is the best padlock for you? Over the course of 20 years as a locksmith business we definitely have an opinion on the subject. For those wanting our top picks, our recommended best padlocks are: Read More
Where to Get Car Keys Made Depending on the car you have, the options available to you will be different, as there are many different types of car keys. Car key copies are generally the easiest to get, but if you need a car key originated (when you’ve lost all of your car keys) your choices of getting a key made are more limited. The cost of making a car key will also depend on Read More
My Car Key Won’t Turn in the Ignition – What Can I do? Key Won’t Turn in IgnitionIt’s the worse possible scenario and it always seems to happen at the wrong time. You head out to your car, put your key in, and it won’t turn the ignition. What should you do? Ignition cylinders are made out of wafers and those wafers bend, crack and break over time. There are usually some warning signs, but Read More
What Locksmith Equipment & Tools are Needed to Run a Locksmith Business Fully outfitted locksmith service vehicle. The tools you will need to become a locksmith are key cutting machines (for key origination and duplication), software for code retrieval, lock picks, and a variety of small tools. This list talks about the basic locksmith tools and locksmith equipment necessary to get started and perform the most common locksmith services. As you grow your skill set, Read More
What is the Best Safe to Buy? Is the cheapest safe the best safe? Big-box stores like Costco carry large safes for under $700. But what do you get for that money? No. Cheap safes are built cheap to be sold cheap. They do not protect their content. Check out this quick video clip that shows what you get when you buy a discount safe. Is this what you want protecting your money and collections? Read More
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How’d He do That? How Locksmiths Make Keys and Other Interesting Tidbits. Ever wonder how your locksmith did what he did? How he made a key appear out of thin air or how he opened that lock so easily? Here’s how it’s done. How Do Locksmiths Cut Laser Keys? Laser Cut High Security Key Newer cars either have no keys (FOBs only) or have laser cut keys. Laser cut keys are different than the old Read More
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Access Control System Basics – Components of Access Control Want to install access control on a door of your business? What components do you need to buy for access control? All access control systems can be broken down into the following components: a locking device, card/fob access device, a credential reader device, power supply, controller software, override device, and an emergency exit device. These devices may be individual components or combined into one or more Read More
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How’d They Do That – 9 Locksmith Tips and Tricks Lock Tip #1 – Door Not Closing Correctly – Locks Work Better with Lipstick Is your door not closing? Do you find you have to pull the door harder for it to latch? Or maybe lift up on the door so it latches? The problem is a misaligned strike. When a door is closed, the bolts on deadbolts and the latches on door knobs go Read More
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Which Safe Lock is Right for You? Jump to: Traditional Mechanical Safe Dials Electronic Safe Locks Biometric Safe Locks Optional Features for Digital Safe Locks Dual Safe Locks with Dial and Electronic Opening Quick Answers to Common Questions What is the Main Advantage of a Safe Dial? Safe dials rely solely on mechanical mechanisms to open a safe. If they are regularly serviced, they will last a lifetime. When they do fail it is either Read More
DIY Home Security Products You Didn’t Know Existed but Will Love. As a locksmith I see new home security products frequently, most of them don’t stand the test of time and fade away, but there are a few that I really like because home owners can realize their value immediately to help protect their homes and families. These DIY security products are of the do-it-yourself variety and easy for most homeowners to take care of. Read More
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