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The 4 Best Smart Locks for Vacation Rentals / Airbnb Rental Units Turning your home into a vacation rental or Airbnb unit makes smart financial sense. But how does the person you rent to get access to the home if you’re not there? Are you going to hide a key for them? No way. Today you have many electronic options that will allow you to issue temporary codes, unlock remotely, and even control the AC Read More
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Best DIY Home Security Systems With No Monthly Contracts Home security and alarms have always been a consideration to protect your home, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Luckily, there are some very good DIY security systems in this category that promise to provide a complete security cover around your home and protect it around the clock. If you are looking for a home security system, we’ve given our five best home security system Read More
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How to Prepare a Door to Install a Door Lock Installing a door lock can be rather complex, but with the right guidance, any homeowner can install a door lock. In this article we teach you how to prepare a door for a fresh installation of a new door lock (that is, how to drill the door). If you are simply replacing a door lock, check out our article “How to Replace a Door Lock.” Read More
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The 6 Best Door Lock Brands The security needs of home and commercial establishments have undergone tremendous change over the years. Today, companies and homeowners are confronted with complicated issues related to protecting door entry into their property by way of bypassing locks through picking, lock bumping, or forced entry. Who Makes the Best Locks? To put the user back in control of their property, leading global lock makers have developed and designed a wide Read More
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What to do after a Home Burglary – Locksmith Recommended Even with the best home security setup, your home can still be robbed. Door locks and alarms are meant to deter burglars and encourage them to look at other houses instead of yours. Most often that’s enough to protect your home, but sometimes it is not. Home Invasion Being a victim of a home invasion is very disruptive and emotionally draining. The emotional trauma caused Read More
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How to Reinforce an Entry Door, Affordably, in 6 Easy Steps Your home protects some of the most important things in your life: your family and your possessions. But the main line of home defense, the front door, can be bypassed in a number of ways and as quickly as 5 seconds when steps have not been taken to better secure the entry door. In this article we address: how to reinforce a door to Read More
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Support our Articles / Videos Support Our Blog! Outdoor Gate Locking Mechanisms – How Best to Lock a Gate A Mechanical, Keyless Gate Lock Option Residential, community and commercial gates can be secured in a variety of ways. Which is best depends on the type of gate you have, what you are trying to achieve by locking the gate and your budget. Your options to lock a gate are padlocks, standard door locks, gate-specific keyed Read More
Sargent IC Core Pinning Calculator for 3 Level Master Key Systems When we received a call from a major sports team to rekey their entire facility we were excited. Then we learned they had Large Format IC Cores (LFIC) and our excitement quickly faded. This customer wanted a three-level master key system: a grand master key that worked everything, a sub-master keys for each division, and change keys (individual keys that work only one door). Read More
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What is the Best Padlock for Your Application? Padlocks come in different sizes, with different ways to open and with different levels of security. They can be priced from just a few dollars to several hundreds of dollars. But which is the best padlock for you? Over the course of 20 years as a locksmith business we definitely have an opinion on the subject. For those wanting our top picks, our recommended best padlocks are: Read More
Where to Get Car Keys Made Depending on the car you have, the options available to you will be different, as there are many different types of car keys. Car key copies are generally the easiest to get, but if you need a car key originated (when you’ve lost all of your car keys) your choices of getting a key made are more limited. The cost of making a car key will also depend on Read More