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ACME Locksmith Can Make Keys to Nearly Everything People lose keys. It happens. Having a locksmith out to your location can be a very expensive way to replace those keys. The service call can often make the key origination more expensive than simply replacing the object. If it has a lock, takes a key, or open and closes a door; ACME locksmith can repair it, replace it, or install it. Our technicians must pass yearly Read More
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When You Want the Best Fireproof Home Safe, Look at UL Rated Safes Unfortunately, this home was recently lost to the Carr Fire in Redding, Ca. Upon returning the owners discovered complete devastation. The house had burned HOT and was still smoldering several days later. But then…there was this safe…still standing…charred and fire damaged….but standing. The lock on this fire rated safe had burned off so it would have to be drilled. Now this is Read More
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There has always been a big hole in product offerings in the safe industry–small yet secure safes. So customers with small spaces have always had to choose between size or security. It’s just plain hard to build security into a small safe and keep the price point down. Anytime someone walked into our shop and said, “I want a small safe, but it has to be fire rated and burglary rated,” I knew I was Read More
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KeyMe Will Copy Your Key from a Photo for Anybody. The new app KeyMe will send anyone your key to anyone that has a picture of it. In the screenshots shown, I tell KeyMe that I am copying my girlfriends key from a photo to break in to her home when she’s not there, and they’re eager to help me out! Anyone can simply snap a picture of your home or business key and have Read More
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Touch Screen Deadbolt
Keyless entry has made it’s way into the residential market. There are a number of good home electronic locks out there, our favorite is from Yale (shown below). The Yale lock is sleek, has a beautiful look, secure, and comes with voice guided programming instruction. It’s the deadbolt I have on my home and the one used by our locksmiths on their home. Like this lock? You can buy this Yale electronic deadbolt here. Want Read More
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Is Your Car’s Ignition Sticking – Time to Fix It You wake up late. Quickly get yourself together and head to your car, desperately trying to get to work on time. But when you stick the key in the ignition, it won’t turn. Panic sets in. It happens, and ACME Locksmith spends a lot of time repairing ignitions and other door locks that have been damaged over time. If you’re lucky. Your ignition starts to Read More
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[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_SOCIAL_ICONS] Verifying Ownership Before Opening Your Property I’m the first to admit it, our company can be a pain. It’s true. But this, my friends, is a good thing. When you call us for a car unlock or a house unlock, we WILL ask you to prove that you have rights to be in the property. Is the title available and in your name? Does the registration match your drivers license? Does your drivers license Read More
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Buy Safes Online
This great safe by Hollon has just been updated to provide even more fire protection! Amazing value for the price point with light kit, power, and door organizer. From 16 to 45 “comfort fit” long gun capacity. At this price point, it is the easy winner of similar brands like the Champion and Liberty safes. Buy This Gun Safes Online Here 90 Minute Fire Rating to 1400 degrees. Most competitors only rate their safes to Read More
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This is an update of a previously posted article. We are continuing to see newest versions of locks bought at the big box stores coming with plastic parts. Remember, to be sold cheap, cheap locks need to be made cheap. A few months back ACME Locksmith discovered that the new Schlage SecureKey lock contained plastic parts. Being a Phoenix Locksmith service, thisĀ disturbedĀ us greatly. This lock is no longer manufactured, but that hasn’t stopped Schlage from Read More
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Many file cabinets come with pre-installed locks. If you lose those keys, no problem. We can make a key for the cabinet at your location or ours. Even if the lock is missing, we can simply replace it and get you one your way with new keys. We Make File Cabinet Keys But what about when the mechanical linkage is broken within the file cabinet? The lock is present, and the key turns it, but Read More
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