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This great safe by Hollon has just been updated to provide even more fire protection! Amazing value for the price point with light kit, power, and door organizer. From 16 to 45 “comfort fit” long gun capacity. At this price point, it is the easy winner of similar brands like the Champion and Liberty safes. Buy This Gun Safes Online Here 90 Minute Fire Rating to 1400 degrees. Most competitors only rate their safes to Read More
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This is an update of a previously posted article. We are continuing to see newest versions of locks bought at the big box stores coming with plastic parts. Remember, to be sold cheap, cheap locks need to be made cheap. A few months back ACME Locksmith discovered that the new Schlage SecureKey lock contained plastic parts. Being a Phoenix Locksmith service, this disturbed us greatly. This lock is no longer manufactured, but that hasn’t stopped Schlage from Read More
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Many file cabinets come with pre-installed locks. If you lose those keys, no problem. We can make a key for the cabinet at your location or ours. Even if the lock is missing, we can simply replace it and get you one your way with new keys. We Make File Cabinet Keys But what about when the mechanical linkage is broken within the file cabinet? The lock is present, and the key turns it, but Read More
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Sliding Glass Door Locks
When your arcadia, sliding glass door gets old one of the things that often fails in the door lock. While you could simply replace what you have with the identical item, this is the time to upgrade your door and strengthen the security of your slider by installing a Cal Double Bolt Lock. Why? This sliding door lock easily retrofits above the existing lock and is often less expensive. Its double bolt locking mechanism prevents Read More
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We’re big fans of access control and even bigger fans of access control that doesn’t require wiring. No wire runs to distant doors/gates and no power supplies required make for more affordable keyless entry solutions. That’s why we love the Medeco XT solution. With this system the power required to track access and audit locks is maintained within the key. So no power is necessary at the lock. Who needs the Medeco XT system? When Read More
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ESL10 - Electronic Safe Lock
Myths Vs Reality: Which is Better? A Digital or Combination Safe Lock? Can you change the lock on your safe from a dial locks to an electronic lock? Yes you can. But are you ready to? Do you feel comfortable making the change? Do You Even Need to Decide Between a Mechanical & Digital Lock The debate between with safe lock is better, a combination lock or a digital lock, is strong. One is entirely Read More
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Ever taken a lock of your door and said, “What the heck?” One very popular brand of lock that is no longer made was the old Schlage E-Series. It was a good lock, but many customer are now seeing them fail. The trouble is, when that particular lock was installed it put a huge hole in the door to account for the mechanics of the hardware (see photo). Most new locks are prepped for standard Read More
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Always Know Who’s at Your Door Before Answering The SkyBell Home Monitoring System Captures Video and More Whenever Someone is at Your Door. Before we recommend a protect, we try it. When this little video door bell monitoring system came out, it went up on my house asap. The verdict, love it. Several features make this a great little security device. It auto captures video/screen shots each time your door bell is rung. Burglars will Read More
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I my opinion, there are two types of home robberies: what I call smash and grabbers and then the smart ones. Though devastating, smash and grab robberies are usually done by kids. They quickly take what they can, and they’re out. Your insurance fixes the damage and replaces the property. It impacts your life but the impact is temporary. As the name implies, there’s clear evidence that you’ve been robbed.  Broken glass, smashed locks, kicked-in Read More
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Here’s an interesting twist on home locks The new push, pull, rotate locks by Brinks give you three ways to release the latch and open the door. Push it, pull it, or turn it the old fashion way. What do you think of this lock? Seems a clever idea for interior door knobs and levers, like the laundry room or bedrooms where your hands are often full. But exterior, we don’t see the value. You Read More
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