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Door with deadbolt installed
Love that new house you purchased but wish it had some better door security? No problem. ACME Locksmith can fresh install deadbolts in your existing house doors. We prep the door, provide the locks that match your existing style, brand and finish, and key them up to match your existing house keys. All at an affordable price. Here’s a photo of a door we just did a deadbolt installation on in Gilbert. We put on Read More
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Affordable electronic deadbolt
Looking for an affordable touch screen deadbolt for your home? Look no further than the lock specifically designed for and sold by locksmiths. 4-8 digit entry codes 25 user codes Satin Nickel finish All programming done from the touchscreen – no need to take apart the back of the lock Vacation mode – temporarily disable all codes Auto-lock – auto lock the door from 10 – 99 seconds after opening Single entry code – set Read More
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Mechanical car key
We just received a call from a client. She had a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. Nothing fancy, nothing special. She just needed a backup key. It’s a good old fashion steal key (a mechanical key). Not a chip key, transponder, or FOB. The first company she called, a legitimate company, wanted $150 to duplicate that key. That sounds insane to us for a mechanical key. But the company she called didn’t have a store (we have Read More
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A latch guard is a sheet of metal that covers the latch on a door. Most often, they are installed on commercial exterior doors to prevent someone from prying the door open and easily gaining access to your business. The goal of prying open a door is to move the frame of the door just enough so the latch pops out of the frame and the door opens. This is usually accomplished by a breaker Read More
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Bluetooth Wifi Lock
We are loving this new card access lock from Schlage. At its price point, it’s one of the best card access locks available and feature rich. Full installation (parts and labor) for less than half of previous stand alone, card access systems with audit trail capability. Replaces existing commercial-grade levers Half the cost of traditional wireless access control for very affordable implementation No wiring, no power supplies, always ready in case of power or network Read More
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You can join Arizona’s most successful locksmith company and become an independent franchise owner. Our franchises operate from a store front location with mobile field support so you can provide your customers a differentiated lock and key service. ACME Locksmith has been under the guidance of Robert Vallelunga since 2007. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He performed as a Product Marketing Manager for 15 years helping Read More
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Lock service decal.
When ACME Locksmith does a job for your business or home, ACME Locksmith will install a little, discrete decal next to one of the locks we serviced. Sometimes customers ask us, “Why do you do that?” ACME Locksmith offers the best warranty of any Phoenix lock company in Arizona. Our labor / workmanship warranty is 12 months while most of our competition’s is just 90 days. Six months down the road, should there be an Read More
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Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock
Bluetooth Locks are Being Released by Many Lock Manufactures. Are They Needed? Locks just keep getting smarter and smarter. But what is needed vs what is too much? For the past year, lock manufacturers have been releasing deadbolts that can be opened via Bluetooth devices. And Master Lock has just released a padlock that can be opened via Bluetooth. But are these devices worth it or are they just looking to jump on a technology Read More
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Bad Locksmith Reviews
What constitutes bad lock service and warrants a bad review? Locksmithing is a services-based business, and ACME Locksmith deals with thousands of customers every year. I can tell you, it’s HARD to get someone to publically praise your company! Once their emergency is taken care of, the kids have to be taken to school, work has to be done, life just gets in the way, and writing a review about locksmith service just isn’t a Read More
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Best of 2015 Scottsdale Locksmiths
ACME Locksmith Receives 2015 Best Businesses of Scottsdale Award Scottsdale Award Program Honors the Achievement Scottsdale, March 2016 — ACME Locksmith has been selected for the 2015 Best Businesses of Scottsdale Award in the Keys & Locksmiths category by the Best Businesses of Scottsdale Award Program. Each year, the Best Businesses of Scottsdale Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local Read More
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