The Locksmith Scammers Are Out in Full Force

The story isn’t new, but the problem isn’t going away. In the past week ACME Locksmith was contacted by two news teams investigating locksmith scams.

In both cases the customers paid nearly $400 for services that should have cost comfortably under $100 by any reputable company.


How Can I Find a Good Locksmith?

1) Hire a locksmith that is registered as an Arizona Contractor. Arizona does not require locksmiths to be licensed so a company that will go through the process of getting licensed will be top notch. Plus, if there’s any concern, a complaint process is available. Arizona Registrar of Contractors

2) Hire a locksmith that has a physical lock shop you can walk into. This news story points out that the customer’s receipt has no contact information on it. No phone, no company name, no address…..She was lucky she remembered who she called. After getting quotes from several companies, many customers don’t remember which company they eventually hired. A shop guarantees you’ll always know the name and location should you have any problems with their service.

Want to know how to find ACME? We have three locations to serve you.

3) In times of stress, you won’t likely recall the above tips. So take five minutes now and get a good locksmith’s phone number in your phone. Should you ever need a locksmith, you’ll have one right away for quick service and quality work. If you’d like us, our number is (480) 380-2263.