What Some Locksmiths Won’t Do for You

I’m the first to admit it, our company can be a pain. It’s true. But this, my friends, is a good thing.

When you call us for a car unlock or a house unlock, we’ll ask for proof of access rights. Is the title available and in your name? Does the registration match your drivers license? Does your drivers license show the home’s address? Etc…If you don’t have something that confirms you have rights to the property you’re asking us to open, we’ll ask that someone that does be present when we arrive on site. If that can’t be done, there’s more work to do before we let you in….faxes, photo IDs, verification with property records…. as I said, we can be a pain when you’re asking us to unlock your home or car.

Why? Because ACME Locksmith protects your property, whether you’re a customer of ours or not. We won’t unlock a car or a home for just anyone that calls us because they could be….well….anyone. We don’t accept “phone authorizations” because it can be anyone on the phone. We don’t accept email authorizations because anyone could have sent the email. We do this for you, the property owner, to protect your property from someone trying to get into it.

Some times, a potential customer complains about having to provide this information before we will let them in. Sometimes they simply hangup, call someone else, and we lose the business. That’s OK. Because that’s a red flag. We won’t risk your property.

We're professional locksmiths. Not this guy.
But most of the time customers understand the need. They get it. We’re protecting them. We’re professionals. We’re not just a guy showing up in a t-shirt, shorts, in an unmarked vehicle to make a buck.

And that’s what the other locksmith companies, the ones that will let anyone in without requiring proof of ownership or access rights, aren’t doing for you.

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