Terms & Conditions

Safe Delivery, Move & Safe Installation Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Web site as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

Shipping & Delivery

Online orders are drop shipped curbside by freight directly from the manufacture, unless otherwise arranged. This can take several weeks. For immediate delivery needs, call ACME and we can let you know if the safe is immediately available for shipping/delivery.

Return Policy

All deliveries must be inspected for damage at time of delivery. Safes that are received damaged and/or defective will be replaced or credited at 100% but the damaged safe must be refused at time of delivery.  

When a safe is not refused at time of delivery only the manufacture's warranty for the safe applies.  Manufactures warranties may or may not cover charges incurred for installation. If no visual damage is noted when safe is delivered, fully test the operation of the safe prior to the arrival of any company hired to install it to avoid any labor charges associated with their arrival and work prior to finding something wrong. ACME Lock & Safe is not liable for any charges to you by a third party regardless of cause.

Returns of safes, for any reason other than damaged or defective (such as wrong size ordered), is possible after ordering and up to 14 days after the delivery date. All cancellations of orders or returns for safes other than damaged or defective, are subject to a 25% restocking fee AND the buyer will be responsible for any freight paid by our company (to and from the delivery address) as well as any labor associated with prepping the safe for shipping/return. Any services already performed (such as installation and bolt down) will not be refunded and the buyer is responsible for additional labor charges to unbolt and remove the safe from the home. Please note. Slight variations in appearance, material, or layout may occur due to color contrast on computers and changes in manufacturing processes. These changes are beyond our control and not justification for the return of the safe without a restocking fee and shipping charges.

If you are in the Phoenix area and have hired ACME Lock & Safe to move the safe into the home:

  • We perform move-in and bolt down services in our standard service area only.
  • When the shipping company calls to schedule delivery, the safe must be scheduled to arrive before 2PM Monday-Friday only.
  • Call ACME Lock & Safe at least 24 business hours in advance to provide us the date of delivery.
  • We will assign our technicians to arrive after delivery to move the safe into the home. This may result in the safe sitting curbside for several hours
  • Bolt down of safes is conducted at buyer's risk. We will NOT bolt down any safe to a post-tension slab. ACME Locksmith assumes no liability for any damages that may occur from the bolt down since we will bolt the safe down where the buyer indicates.
  • Moving the safe into the home is done at buyer's risk. Safes are large, heavy objects that must be negotiated through the home. Once moving they are difficult to stop. Though we will do our best, dents, dings, chips, scratches and other damage may occur to your walls or flooring. ACME Lock & Safe is not liable for any damage that may occur as a result of installation.
  • Clearance for safe moves: All safes over 400 lbs require sufficient clearance to install the safe of 4" on sides  and 12" on the top. If this space is not available, the safe cannot go into the area chosen and returns will be treated as wrong size ordered and subject to a 25% restocking fee AND any labor required to delivery and return the safe.
  • If, upon arrival of our technician, the safe is found to be damaged, we will arrange for its return and get a replacement sent. However, an additional return trip fee of $80-$160 will be charged prior to our returning since a second visit is now required and the safe was not inspected/refused at time of delivery. This charge is necessary to cover the expense associated with getting our safe installers to your location. Fully test the safe before our arrival to avoid return travel/trip fees.