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High Security TL15 TL30 TL30X6

High Security  TL15 TL30 TL30X6

We carefully monitor competitor prices to make sure we're offering the highest quality safe at the best price, but in case we've missed a safe...

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High Security Safes

These high-security safes offer the highest layer of protection. They are recommended for content valued at over $20,000. I'll never forget the time a customer came into our safe warehouse, told me he needed a safe that could hold over $200,000 in gold, and then proceeded to ask me were our safes under $200 were located. I had to tell him we didn't carry such a poorly made safe, and he didn't want one of those safes securing such high-valued content. He balked and walked out. I hope he found what he was looking for, but at ACME Lock & Safe, we're going to provide you a safe that does the job you need. Sometime's that's a great budget safe, but sometimes it's a high security TL15 or TL30 rated safe. These safe vaults are all American Made. The TL-30 safes are often required by insurance companies to offer liability coverage for jewelry stores. They're just that good.

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