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Biometric Safe Lock

When we sell a safe online (check out our safes for sale) one of the choices given to customers is what type of lock they want on the safe.

Let me clear it up. All types of safe locks fail. Our Phoenix safe repair service routinely work on both. They’ve always failed and they’re always going to fail. It doesn’t matter which type of safe lock it is (electronic or dial), we see them fail, and we make a good part of our sales repairing them.

If you’re not sure if you want an electronic lock, take a look at our article Mechanical Safe Locks vs Electronic Locks.

Once you know, there are many options available in electronic safe locks.

Basic Electronic Safe Locks (Digital Safe Locks)

ACME Locksmith sells electronic safe locks on line. If you’re a DIYer type you can replace them. Just try everything several times before closing the door to confirm it’s installed correctly! If you are not a DIYer, than just order your safe lock from us, and call your local locksmith to perform the installation of the lock.

basic digital safe lockBasic digital safe locks are the least expensive.  These locks, most often, come with one user code, and they are very easy to access when you have the code.

Simply input the PIN number, sometimes a few extra special characters like the # symbol, and you’re in. So they cannot be beat when it comes to getting into a safe quickly, especially in an emergency situation.

Some of these basic electronic safe locks now come with two user codes.

When an electronic safe lock fails, the failure is almost always on the exterior circuit board. Therefore, you can simply replace the exterior portion of the lock with a new one and access your safe. The memory for the safe’s code is on the interior of the safe and won’t be affected by this replacement.

As you can imagine, this is much less expensive than having a locksmith professionally open a safe and install a new lock.

By swapping the face plate, you can often repair the safe yourself for right around $200.

Digital Safe Lock Advanced Features

There have been a fury of new digital features that have come out in the past several years.fingerprint biometric electronic safe lock

Biometric safe locks

I’ve got to tell you, I don’t particularly like biometric safe locks, but they may be slowly changing my mind as the technology has advanced so much lately due to biometric implementation in cell phones.

Historically, biometric locks suffer from false negative and false positive results.

A false negative is when you are registered to open the lock but it doesn’t accept your scan. Have you ever tried to use the biometric finger scanner on your cell phone and found you can’t get get in?

That’s one of the most advanced biometric locks available, yet you will find that you can’t unlock your phone. This is annoying but not critical. But if you’re in a situation where you have to get into your safe fast though, it may be critical!

To get around this biometric locks are supporting multiple finger scans. So if you have a cut on one finger, switch and you can get in without an issue. Enrollment with multiple fingers is something to look for in a biometric safe locks.

False positives are when the lock opens with someone’s finger print that is not a registered user. We use to see this a lot 10 years ago, but I haven’t seen a false positive in several years.

A great feature of biometric locks is that they all have PIN code entry as a backup access method.

Entry Time Delays

Higher end digital safe locks support a delayed entry setup of up to 99 minutes.

This is a useful feature in the case of a robbery. Even when a correct code is entered, the safe will not unlock for a set amount of time.

Your employee simply says, look, I’ve put in the code, but the safe is on a timer and it won’t open for another 20 minutes.

Multiple Codes Required to Access the Safe

This is a good feature for businesses that deal a lot with cash.

It requires two (or more) codes be entered for the safe to open. When two people are present to open the safe it’s unlikely either of them are going to do something that could harm the business.

Multiple User Codes

Instead of sharing one code among employees, give each person with access their own code. Should one leave the company, just delete there code and the other managers won’t need to remember a new code since their code was not changed.
digital safe lock with audit trial

Audit Trail Support – Who Accessed the Safe and When

This feature works very well with multiple user codes. An audit trail is a tracking of which digital code opened the safe and at what time.

If anyone ever accesses the safe and something goes missing, the audit trail should tell you who to suspect. The more affordable electronic safe lock options with audit trail have a small LED screen. You can step through the audit trail on the screen while at the lock. More expensive electronic safe locks support BlueTooth or Wifi so this information is sent to a smart phone.

Here’s the audit trail lock we sell online. It’s hard to beat for the price.

Wireless Internet Support

The more expensive digital safe lock options with audit trail allow the lock to be connected to the internet and access from anywhere. They can be programmed, codes changed and have audit trail reports run from any location with an internet connect.

Safe Open-Door Alert

Sometimes a manager can get busy and forget they’ve left the safe open! This alert is a reminder for them to go and close it.

Access Scheduling

You can enable codes to work only during a set time period so managers can only use their safe codes during their normal work hours.

Dual Electronic and Mechanical Safe Lock

dual electronic safe lock with manual safe lock overrideDo you get an electronic lock for ease of use, or a mechanical lock for longevity? Why not have both?

Dual safe locks offer an emergency backup way to get into your safe should your electronic lock ever fail. They are now readily available on new safes and can be easily retrofitted to your existing safes. One of our favorites is the Prologic Xtreme from SecuRam. The Prologix takes the unique approach of combining both styles into one unit. We sell Dual Safe Locks on our website.

But whatever you do, don’t lock the manual combination to the dial in the safe! It happens. :))

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