Gate Lock & Gate Closer Service

Locksmith Gate Services for Community Gates, Pool Gates & Side Gates

ACME Locksmith offers gate lock service for homeowners, HOAs, and Communities. These services include:

Residential Side Gate Services

Community Gate / Commercial Gate Services

  • High security gate locks using restricted keyways that can’t be copied
  • Installation or repair of gate closers
  • Access control / keyless entry. Eliminating keyed entry in favor of pin code, card or FOB entry.
  • Installation of push bars, levers, or deadbolts
Keypad Gate Lock
Mechanical Gate Lock on Side Gate
Code Pool Gate Lock
Mechanical Gate Lock for Pool Gate
Mechanical Keypad Gate Lock
Two Sided Gate Lock

Keyless Gate Locks

Mechanical Keyless Gate Locks with Keypads

Mechanical locks allow one code to control gate access. They can be single sided or two sided (codes required to enter and exit).

They are ideal for:

  • Communities where security is not the main concern but safety is. Where a single code and tracking are not an issue. For example, a keyless pool gate lock in a retirement community.
  • Cost-conscience buyers. More affordable and lifetime warranties.
  • House side gates and wood slat gates with steel framing.

These locks are the most affordable keyless gate lock you can install.

Electronic Community Gate Locks with Keypads and/or Fob Support

Electronic Keyless Gate Lock on Pool Gate

Electronic gate locks allow access via multiple pin codes or FOBs that can be assigned to every member in the community. This way a community can track who accessed the gate, at any time, and remove or add active members if/when it becomes necessary.

There are a lot of options for FOB / keypad gate access that need to be discussed and understood before having a gate lock installed.

  • How many users will be using the gate?
  • Is the community going to control access and run lock audits? Or do you prefer ACME Locksmith manage the lock?
  • Pin code access is the most affordable of the gate keyless entry locks, but do you prefer cards / FOBs be provided to tenants?
  • Do you want to use lock scheduling to prevent access during certain parts of the day?

The gate lock shown is a common wireless, stand alone (non wired) product that we install on many communities. This prevents the needs to run wires for power.

Copy Restricted Keys
Copy Protected Keys

Keyed Locks for Community Gates

If a keypad lock isn’t for you, you can install a keyed gate lock. But for control of your community gate, you won’t want community members to just go out and make copies they can hand out.

Key control enables you to prevent unauthorized key copies of your community spaces or gates by using keys that CAN’T be duplicated without your authorization.

ACME Locksmith can setup a restricted key system for you. Keys that are just stamped as Do Not Duplicate keys DO NOT provide copy protection.

Installation of Gate Closers

Kant Slam Gate Closer
Kant Slam Installed by AMCE Locksmith

Gate closers are required by Arizona pool code and must be present on any gate that leads to the access of a pool. This is so the gate automatically closes.

Residential gate closers are most often just springs mounted to the gate.

Commercial gate closers are normally more complex and can be pneumatic or fluid based. These gate closers also prevent the slamming of the gate to protect whatever type of gate lock that is installed.

ACME Locksmith can install and service gate closers on both residential and commercial gates.