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Phoenix Locksmith Fraud Alert – Don’t Get Scammed
    Read About Scam Locksmiths

  • Phoenix Locksmith Fraud
    Think all locksmiths are legitimate? No so. Read about “locksmith” companies posing as credible companies but in reality have the sole intent of ripping you off. This page includes Better Business Bureau reports, real receipts from the fraudulent companies, news coverage and real victim’s stories.

    Don’t hire an locksmith without reading this first.

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    Home Rekey Moving into a new home? Recently broken into? On this page you will find out our #1 Recommended home security tip. Learn about lock bumping – a method anyone with $2 and an internet connections can use to get into your home. Find information on the latest lock technologies in use to protect your home. As well as tips to better secure sliding glass doors. Don’t forget our 7 Easy and Affordable Tips to Protect Your Home” (possibly the best home security information you will ever have. When you want to improve your home security, this page has great information!
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    Started a business? Letting an employee go? See our #1 recommended business security tip. Learn about access control options and use, why you want to master key your buildings, high security lock options that STOP allowing your employees to duplicate your business keys, and about other commercial lock technologies such as door closer, panic bars, and more…

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    Our blog has it all. Thinking about upgrading your home our business to electronic locks. Plenty of information here. Our blog has Product reviews, discussions on specific lock products, security information, industry information, ACME Locksmith specific information and more….

What Tools & Equipment are Required to Run a Locksmith Business You will need key cutting machines for key origination and duplication, software for code

How to Compare Safe Brands for Value and Security If you’re in the market to buy a safe what should you look for? Is the

How’d He do That? How Locksmiths Make Keys and Other Interesting Tidbits. Ever wonder how your locksmith did what he did? How he made a

Access Control System Basics – Components of Access Control Want to install access control on a door of your business? What components do you need

How’d They Do That – 9 Locksmith Tips and Tricks Lock Tip #1 – Door Not Closing Correctly – Locks Work Better with Lipstick Is

Which Safe Lock is Right for You? When we sell a safe online (check out our safes for sale) of the choices given to customers

7 Great Home Security Products You Might Not Know Existed but Greatly Improve Home Security. As a locksmith I see new home security products frequently,

Trilogy DL1300 Narrow Style Keyless Entry

Are you considering access control for your business? There are many advantages to these systems. I am often asked, “What will it cost to install

We’ve published several blog posts in the past about why we like the locksmith versions of deadbolts over the big-box store locks. We are sticking

Touch Screen Deadbolt

As a professional locksmith company serving the Arizona market for over 20 years, we’ve seen product come and go. But we do really like the

People lose keys. It happens. Having a locksmith out to your location can be a very expensive way to replace those keys. The service call

When You Want to Protect Something Important, You Want an American Security / AMSEC Safe Unfortunately, this home was recently lost to the Carr Fire

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes we hear from customers, “Why Did It Cost So Much When It Went So Fast?” Usually this comment include something

There has always been a big hole in product offerings in the safe industry–small yet secure safes. So customers with small spaces have always had

Want Someone Elses Key? Just Take a Picture of It. New apps will send you an exact copy of a key from a photo you

Touch Screen Deadbolt

Keyless entry has made it’s why to the residential market. There are a number of good home electronic locks out there, our favorite is from

Is Your Car’s Ignition Sticking – Time to Fix It You wake up late. Quickly get yourself together and head to your car, desperately trying

I’m the first to admit it, our company can be a pain. It’s true. But this, my friends, is a good thing. When you call