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Welcome to ACME Locksmith – Scottsdale Shop & Service, your trusted source for high-quality safes and vaults in Scottsdale, AZ.

Located at 7118 E Sahuaro Dr Ste A, Scottsdale, AZ 85254, we offer a comprehensive range of safes to meet your security needs.

Call us at 480-951-1971.

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Why Choose ACME for Your Scottsdale Safe Needs?

We’re going to get you into the safe that’s right for your budget and for what you’re protecting.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and experience in the safe industry. When you buy a safe from us, the safe is sold, delivered, installed and serviced from us. There are no third parties. If there’s any warranty work needed, your safe manufacture hires us to perform it at no cost to you.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bogdan Wojnicz, Scottsale, AZ

Purchased safe from Acme. Completely seamless and pleasant experience from start to finish. Delivery, installation, and on-site tutorial were all very professionally accomplished by a skilled and knowledgeable crew. I highly recommend this business for your security needs.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Robert Kuhnert, Scottsdale, AZ

Arrived on time, and was a very pleasant fellow to meet and to work with. When he finished putting the new equipment on my safe, He thoroughly explain to me how to properly use the safe door. He was very patient throughout the whole process. Nice guy.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Steve Vansickle, Scottsdale, AZ

Big Mike was able to open a safe in our newly purchased home that we didn’t get a combo for. He was able to reprogram combo and saved us considerable cost by being able to use it. He was professional and very competent. Would highly recommend him and acme.

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Our Range of Safes

Business Safes

Our business safes are designed to protect sensitive documents, cash, and valuable items. They come in various sizes and security levels, including fire-resistant options. Popular models include:

  • AMSEC AM Series: I budget business safe that is large enough to store cash drawers.
  • AMSEC BF Series Safes: Offers excellent fire and burglary protection with a 2-hour fire rating and reinforced steel construction.
  • Hollon Business Safes: Large safes with tons of storage for files and data. They come with a 2-hour fire rating.
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Home Safes

Protect your personal valuables with our range of home safes. These budget safes offer up to two hours of fire protection.

Gun Safes

This BFII line by AMSEC is an RSC II Rated Safe.
Hollon RG Gun Safe
Hollon Republic RSC I Rated Gun Safe
Hollon Black Hawk Gun Safes

Ensuring the safety of your firearms is crucial. Our gun safes offer robust security features, and burglary ratings up to RSCII. All include fire protection. Some of our top models include:

  • Hollon Black Hawk Guns Safes: These safes are built with thick 10 gauge steel walls, advanced locking mechanisms and anti-drill plates to provide protection for your firearms.
  • Hollon Republic Gun Safes: This American assembled RCSI burglary rated safe offers maximum security at a more economical price. With gun capacity up to 42 long guns and innovative interior designs, perfect for avid gun collectors.
  • American Security (AMSEC) BFX and BFII Gun Safes: The best of the best. American made with American steel, this safes come with 1/2 inch solid-steal doors and up to 1/4 inch side walls. Numerous high-gloss finishes are available to make your safe look like a beautiful piece of furniture in your home.
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Jewelry Safes

Hollon Jewelry Safe
AMSEC Jewelry Safe

Our jewelry safes combine elegance with top-notch security. Designed to protect your valuable items from theft and damage, these safes feature:

  • American Security Jewelry Cabinets: Equipped with multiple drawers, padded interiors, these wood cabinets are designed to fit inside several of the American Security safes. Choose the level of security that meets your needs and install a jewelry cabinet.
  • Hollon Jewelry Safes: Using the Hollon Oyster Series burglary line of safes, Hollon has a custom, high-gloss, black jewelry cabinet that turns the safe into a great way to store your jewelry.
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Burglary Rating Recommendations

Understanding Burglary Ratings When selecting a safe, it’s essential to understand the different burglary ratings to ensure you choose the right level of protection for your needs. Here’s a breakdown of common ratings:

  • Factory Rated for Burglary (B-rated): Enhance features such as thicker side wall, steel doors and relockers to prevent theft of content.
  • RSC (Residential Security Container): These safes are tested to resist attacks from known safe penetration experts for up to 5 minutes using common tools. Times are ‘tool on safe’ times.
  • RSCII: Offers enhanced protection, resisting attacks for up to 10 minutes with more advanced tools.
  • TL-15: Rated to withstand 15 minutes of intense attack using sophisticated tools such as drills and cutting torches. Ideal for high-value items in both residential and commercial settings.
  • TL-30: Provides even greater security, withstanding attacks for up to 30 minutes. These safes are built with multiple layers of hardened steel and advanced locking mechanisms.
  • TL-30X6: The highest level of burglary protection, these safes can withstand attacks on all six sides for up to 30 minutes. Perfect for securing extremely valuable items.
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Contact Us

Visit Our Scottsdale Store For all your safe and vault needs, visit ACME Locksmith at 7118 E Sahuaro Dr Ste A, Scottsdale, AZ 85254. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect safe to meet your security requirements. Call us at 1-480-951-1971 or visit our showroom to explore our extensive range of safes.