Loss Prevention Services

Commercial Loss Prevention Services


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Why do you need a loss prevention function?

You have processes in place for all aspects of your business. Why wouldn’t you have one for preventing inventory loss? Like any other part of your business a loss prevention function or program helps make your business better.

What’s required for adequate loss prevention depends on the size of your business/department, the value of the retail content, and the amount of access employees and customers have to the content.

Industry surveys show time and time again that it’s the employees that contribute the most to business losses. Employees can take merchandise, take from the register, or provide unauthorized discounts. If your cost of goods is increasing but your sales aren’t, you need and ACME Loss Prevention Specialists our to evaluate your security.

External theft contributes by way of break-ins and shoplifting. Robbers often look for the easiest targets. If you’ve been the victim of a robbery, you need to reevaluate your stores physical security to prevent future theft.

ACME Locksmith’s Loss Prevention Specialists

ACME’s Loss Prevention & Commercial Locksmith Service Specialists can evaluate your business for security weaknesses and assist in restoring your security.

Assess retail counters and display cabinets. Are they locked? Have you established key control? Can employees make key copies? Are they accessible by non-employees?

Evaluation Stock and Inventory Rooms. How is access controlled? Can you monitor who gained access and when? Who has keys? Can they copy keys?

Entry locks and access control. Are your door locks bump and pick proof? How do you control employee access? Can you track employee access to determine who and when employees entered? Do you track keys issued? Are keys copy protected? Is there a master key system to limit access to specific areas?