Mobile Welding & Repair

Mobile Welding & Repair

Do you know one of the services locksmiths offer is to help you with your lock and gate welding needs?

Side Gate Lock Installation
Mechanical Access Control Installed on a Side Gate by ACME Locksmith

One part of our job is to add deadbolts or keyless locks to customer side gates. When we do this we have to cut out the gate and weld in a gate box to support the new locks. Because of these our locksmith know how to take care of small welding jobs you might need when you don’t want to hire a more expensive company.

What types of welding jobs can locksmiths do?

    • Has a gate post snapped?

Gate posts often break near their base and can be easily welded back together and repaired.

    • Is the lock box weld breaking?

If your gate was properly setup, it can slam into the latch or the gate stop when it closes. After years of abuse, the welds will start to break. With ACME Locksmith mobile welding not only can we repair the gate box, but we can repair the cause of the problem and any locks that may have been damaged.

    • Are the gate latches or hinges breaking?

These are known to start cracking as well after years of opening/closing the gate. They carry the entire load of the gate.

    • Is the gate closer (Kantslam) weld snap or the gate closer itself shot?

Gate closers are mechanical, often spring, operated devices to automatically close the gate so it will latch and lock to prevent access. They too tend to wear out or crack along the welds. We can replace your gate closers and re-weld as needed to get your gate working great again.

We can weld and repair all of these issues and more.

Basically, our local locksmiths can repair anything made of steel. We do not weld aluminum at this time, and we will not weld anything involving an automotive chassis for liability reasons. Our steel counter tops at our Mesa shop and Phoenix shop locations were fabricated and welded by our locksmiths.
Mesa Location Inside

Here’s our locksmith and mobile welder Brian repairing a driveway gate that was sagging due to a split weld. This is an extreme example of a weld repair that took most of the day to get completed, but Brian handled the job with ease. The gate was removed, repaired, and replaced….all for a reasonable price. The final product is shown in the last photo.