How to Dial a Safe Combination

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How to Dial Your Safe – 3 Digit Combination Instructions


These instructions pertain to professional safes and safe dials such as AMSEC, S&G and LaGard.
Safes purchased at home clubs or discount stores can be different as they are not professional grade safes.

1) Spin the dial left (CCW) at least four times and stop on the first number of the combination. The first number should be directly under the opening mark. First number: ________.

2) Spin the dial right (CW) and stop on the second number the 3rd time the number comes under the opening mark. Second number: ________.

3) Spin the dial left (CCW) and stop on the third number the 2nd time the number comes under the opening mark. Third number: ________.

4) Spin the dial right until the dial stops by itself. If the dial does not stop turning, the combination may be incorrect.

5) Open the safe.

How to Dial Your Safe – 4 Digit Combination Instructions

These instructions pertain to dial safes that have a 4 digit combination

1) Start by turning the dial to the right a minimum of 4 turns and stop on the first number. First number: ________.

2) Turn the dial to the left passing the second number twice, stopping on the third time. Second number: ________.

3) Turn the dial to the right passing the third number once, stopping on the number the next time. Third number: ________.

4) Turn the dial to the left to the fourth number and stop. Fourth number:

5) Open the safe.

What our video: How to Dial Open a Safe Combination


How to Dial a Safe Open

Yes. We describe the process and have a video demonstration on how to dial 3-digit safes combinations. You can also print out the directions and store them for future use.
No problem, we show directions for the 4 digit combinations too. You can also print out the directions and store them for future use.
Yes! We view most of them as having the same quality but you also get the ease of use benefit. We have an article on the Myths of Electronic Safe Locks and the Different Types of Electronic Locks.
Call your local locksmith. They can make a key for the safe’s dial so that you can get in.


Tired of Dialing Your Safe Combination?

ESL10 - Electronic Safe LockAll that left-right-left confusion. We open thousands of safes a year and sometimes we still get confused! Why not upgrade to an electronic lock? ACME Locksmith can swap out your dial with an electronic safe lock at your location or ours (if you want to save the cost of the service call). A good quality electronic lock can be had for around $160 plus labor.

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Our this article we wrote which covers the various features you can gain with various types of electronic safe locks.

Worried about an electronic safe lock failing and not being able to get in? No worries. There are new locks on the market that offer both dial and electronic capabilities on the same safe. For ease of use, use the electronic. Should it fail. Use the dial to get in. Amazon is not listing these new locks, but we’ve got them.

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