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ACME Locksmith offers a complete set of safe locksmith services. From safe moving, safe repair, and safe opening; to safe sales. If you have any needs or trouble with your safe, we can assist.

All four of the our Lock & Safe Shops carry a variety of safes in stock. Each location tries to stock at least one of all our options so you can see exactly what you’re buying. Even if the size you need isn’t on site, you can see the quality of safes available.

Visit the Buy Safes Online section of our website for the complete selection of safes available for sale.

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Safe Service | Safe Opening

Has the combination to your safe stopped working? Have you Lost the Combination? Has a family member passed and you need to access their safe?

A Scammer Tried to Cut His Way Into This Safe

ACME Locksmith has one of the best safe opening technicians in Phoenix. We can open all levels of safes, from the simple Sentry to the most complex TL-30×6.

Take a look at how a scammer tried to open this floor safe. Not us. When we are finished with our safe opening service, your safe will be fully functional and look as good as new.

Our article on How Locksmith Open Safes will help you get started by letting you know what you’ll need to get to us so we can open your safe.

Do you have the safe combination but it has stopped working? Things to Try When a Safe Combination Isn’t Working.

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Safe Service | Change Safe Combination

Safe Dial

If you have a working combination to the safe one of our safe locksmiths can come out and change the safe’s combination for you. We offer this for safe dials and electronic safe locks.

Is the safe door open, but you don’t know the combination? No problem. So long as the door is open we can change a safe combination as well.

What if you have the combination, but you can’t get it to work? Review our How to Dial a Safe Combination article to make sure it’s being done correctly.

Growing tired of all that right-left-right dialing of the safe combination? Upgrade to an electronic safe lock. Electronic safe locks vs dial safes.

Safe Service | Safe Repair

Inside a Safe Door

There are several safe service that involve repairing the safe. Perhaps the safe is starting to get difficult to open or close. That’s a key sign the bolt work may be coming lose and you’ll want that safe to be serviced.

Something else to look for is when the numbers you use to dial the safe combination start to drift a little. Maybe that 20 is now a 20 1/2? It’s time do get that dial serviced before you are permanently locked out and need us to open the safe by drilling.

Safe repairs are normally fast and affordable when caught in time, but delaying a safe’s servicing can be disastrous.

Safe Service | Safe Movers

Safe Delivery & Moves

ACME Locksmith moves safes throughout the Phoenix valley.

We will also bolt down safes to foundations that do not have post-tension slabs. Bolting into a post tension slab can be dangerous. Some safes don’t need to be bolted down. Some do. Ask us for our professional recommendation.

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Safe Sales | Buy Safes Online

Looking to purchase a safe? Check out our article 5 Most Important Features of a Great Safe

All online safes are always on sale – 10-50% off.

FREE shipping when purchased online.

Upgrading? Ask about trade-in value.

Price Match Guarantee – We does our best to match or beat any online advertised price.