Simplex Mechanical and Electronic Access Control

Simplex Cipher Locks

For years Simplex locks have had a reputation as sturdy and robust, and as a 1-user code solution, they’re still one of the best locks around, but they lacked the ability to allow for more than one user code, provide wireless support, or use for narrow style doors (like those found on small business store fronts). Today though, Kaba has a complete line of Simplex and E-plex locks that can provide mechanical or electronic access control for single doors or wireless access control for multiple doors.
There’s even a slim line version that easily installs on aluminum glass storefront doors.

Simplex Locks Now Support

  • 1 to 3000 seperate access codes
  • Card swipe entry (prox cards)
  • Wireless support to program/control many doors
  • Buzz in capability
  • Audit trail support
  • Lock down feature
  • Scheduling

Upgrade Existing Simplex Locks to Electronic

Better Features and Flexibility

Smartlock Systems has built a drop in replacement for the internal working of the Simplex lock. This replacement converts the mechanic lock to an electronic lock. In doing so, Simplex user gain:

  • The ability to create 100 separate user codes (instead of just 1) from 2-8 digits in length
  • The ability to use the same number more than once in a given user code
  • Up to 2 temporary, 1-time-use codes for guests
  • A lockout feature to restrict access to all users
  • A passage mode to allow lock access to all users
  • The ability to use the same number more than once in a given user code

The external chassis of the lock remains unchanged

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