The Best Deadbolt for Your Home

The Best Lock to Protect Your Home

As locksmiths that work on homes, we are often asked, “What’s the best deadbolt I can use to protect my home?”

The question is a valid one, but there are a few great ways to protect your home. For some, the best solution isn’t a deadbolt at all but may be a burglary rated safe to protect a valuable collection, or to rekey the home locks to ensure that no one has a working copy of your key. Or, it could be our newest, super easy to install and Best Home Security Tip, the Deadbolt Flip Guard.

Single Sided Deadbolt

However, there is one deadbolt that every homeowner should have installed if they want:

  • A stronger door for improved security
  • Protection from young children leaving the home to explore the world
  • A guaranteed pick and bump proof lock.

  • Install a single-sided or half deadbolt on every door of your home.

    Doing so improves your home’s security to the maximum extent possible. You can buy half deadbolts online at Amazon here.

    A single-sided or half deadbolt is a deadbolt that only has one visible side (see photo). On the inside of your home, you lock the deadbolt with a thumb turn, but on the outside of your home, there’s nothing. No hole to pick, no lock to bump (What is Locks Bumping), nothing to pry, break or jimmy.

    Single Sided Deadbolt

    The benefits of the single-sided deadbolt are numerous.

    Your garage door is one of the most common points of entry for someone breaking into your home. In Arizona, the door into your garage from your yard is often behind a brick fence. This gives intruders plenty of time to work your locks without being seen by neighbors or people walking by. Once someone is in your garage, they can work at breaking in and emptying your home without any worry of being seen. The single sided deadbolt protects that door and any other door it’s installed on, from all types of silent lock attacks. The only way they’re getting past this lock, is to bring out some very noisy tools, and that attracts unwanted attention.

    • Engaging these locks on your house doors while you are in the home offers the same type of protection. There are no silent ways to get around this lock. It’s pick proof, bump proof, and jimmy proof. Burglars won’t even know it’s there and you can rest comfortably in your home knowing that this is the case.
    • If you’ve given keys to your home to someone that you no longer want to have access, engaging a single-sided deadbolt will keep them out until you can have your home rekeyed to work with a new key. You don’t have to worry about them showing up unannounced and walking into your home while these locks are engaged.
    • This lock is ideal for families, such as mine, with small children in the house. Once your child is old enough to unlock your existing deadbolt and doorknob, only your constant attention can stop him from running outside on his/her own. Installing a single-sided deadbolt high up on the door, where your young children can’t reach, gives you the security benefits we mentioned plus gives you a way to stop your young child from exploring the world unbeknownst to you. 🙂

    Here’s what one customer had to say.

    Hello Robert,

    A few months ago I had a half deadbolt installed in my front door [by ACME Locksmith] to keep my toddler from being able to open and exit the front door. This device is placed much higher than the regular deadbolt and is only seen from the inside of the house. The intent was to keep the kids in but just a few months later, someone tried to break into my home via the front door (presumably using the “lock-bumping” technique). A key was inserted into the only visible keyhole. It didn’t take long for the dog to start barking and alerted us to the situation. The person left. I felt much safer knowing that if they had been able to “pick” our lock, they would have not been able to get in due to this second unseen lock.

    Thank you ACME locksmith for recommending this and also pointing out some other safety recommendations while at my house.


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