Sell Us Your Used Safe for Credit Towards Purchase

We Buy Used Safes — Trade In Credit

Sell Used Safes

Did you buy your safe from ACME Locksmith?

Great news! ACME Locksmith will give you up to 30% of the original purchase price as a trade in credit towards the purchase of a larger, upgraded safe AND we haul the old safe away during the installation of your new safe. The exact credit will depend on condition and weight of the used safe you are selling to us, but if you purchased that safe through ACME Locksmith we’ll take that into account when making our offer. Purchase your new safe today.

Did you buy your safe from someplace else?

Don’t worry. We can help you remove the safe and dispose of it.

It may even be more beneficial for you for us to service the safe instead of trading it in. We can get everything working smoothly for you, replace worn out parts, change the combination, service the dial, or even upgrade safes with dials to use an electronic lock.

But if you’re set on selling the used safe and using it for a trade-in credit, send us some pictures and we’ll make you an offer. Please note. We won’t be able to make you a safe trade in offer for safes bought at discount warehouses. They’re just made too poorly to be resold by ACME Locksmith. As a locksmith / security company, we can’t in good conscience resell a poorly made safe.