Free Car Unlocks in Phoenix Metro Area

ACME Locksmith’s Free Car Unlock Decal

Offered only by ACME Locksmith

Getting locked out of your car happens. It’s even happened to me and our field service drivers (trust me, there’s nothing more embarrassing than getting locked out when you’re a locksmith). The new vehicle proximity FOBS have not solved this problem. Yes, FOBs will automatically unlock your car when you approach and the car won’t lock if you’ve left your keys inside. But when you car or FOB battery dies, you’re locked out.

ACME Locksmith will unlock your car at NO COST to you anywhere in our standard service area, Mon – Sat, 7am to 7pm.

  • No Purchase Required
  • No enrollment fee
  • No monthly charges
  • No credit card needed
  • No phone number needed


Car unlock service in the Phoenix area can run up to $100 ($300 if you’ve hired one of the scam locksmiths!) But why pay when ACME gives it away? This small decal is all you’ll ever need for us to unlock your car…and it’s free.

We Couldn’t Make it Easier!

  • Already have decal? Simply enroll below.
  • Don’t have decal? Sign up below, and we’ll mail a decal to you.
  • Place decal on inside of driver’s window.
  • Once installed, if you’re ever locked out, we’ll open your car for FREE within our service area and business hours!
  • Complete terms and conditions


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Q & A

1) Will you unlock my car anywhere?

Not anywhere, but most of the Phoenix area is covered. A map of the free service area can be found at:  (also shown below). The green areas are 100% free during standard service hours (M-Sat, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm). We will unlock cars in the red areas during those hours but a small fuel/drive charge will apply.

2) Why isn’t it free 24/7?

Well, honestly, we’re just too small to support it 24/7 at no cost. Hopefully, at some point we’ll be staffed by multiple shifts and will be able to provide the free car unlocks anytime, but currently, if you’re unlocked during off hours some poor locksmith has to get up, get dressed, and leave his family to come out to unlock your car. There’s a small emergency fee for that so we can compensate this tech. I think we can agree, they deserve it!

3) Why require the decal?

Basically it comes down to size again. It allows us to know how many people we can support. We are a small company, so we have limited capacity. By tracking how many free car unlock decals are out there, and tracking how many calls we’re providing for free, we get a better understanding of the total number of cars we can support and manage to stay in business.

4) Can Dealers Get This for Their Customers

If you run a car dealership, auction house, or commercial fleet in the Phoenix area, you’ll want our dealership/fleet car key and remote service.

ACME Locksmith can help you provide a superior sales experience by ensuring all of your cars have a full set of remotes and keys PLUS for the first time we are allowing dealers to install our free car unlock decal so your customers will not have to be pay if they find themselves locked out in the Phoenix area.*

Stop those sales slowdowns and call ACME today. For more information checkout our website.

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*some restrictions apply