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Commercial Card Access & Keypad Door Locks

Grant Electronic Access Without Using Keys

Bluetooth Wifi Lock

Access control systems provide the ability to permit or deny entry without requiring a key. Entry can be gained via a keypad on the lock, a card swipe, or even a cell phone. Access control systems don’t require a key to enter, but there is often a key override.

Access control is highly desirable in companies with a large number of employees, companies with a high turnover rate, or companies that allow access to customers during off business hours. The systems allow you to remove access to a building for single individuals quickly, and at any time, without needed to rekey the business should an employee leaves your employment.

Commercial Keypad Door Lock

ACME Locksmith’s commercial services department has been installing single- and multi-door access control systems since 1997.

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Wireless Commercial Keypad Locks

Trilogy DL1300 Narrow Style Keyless Entry

At its most basic, access is controlled through a single device, by a lock’s keypad. A personal identification code (PIN) is entered to open the door. May of these locks can also support card readers in addition to the keypad.

The wireless access control locks cost less to install than wired systems and can work together, over several doors, to manage access to a building from one piece of software.

Commercial door keypad locks are the most affordable of all the commercial access control systems).



ACME Locksmith Installs, Maintains & Services Access Control Systems

Access Control by Alarm Lock
  • Service, repair, and sell door closers, mag locks, push to exit devices, sensors, electronic strikes, and more…for access control systems from within our commercial services department.
  • Stand alone, wireless keyless entry.
  • No power runs or power supplies needed.
  • Ideal for storefronts, single offices, and rooms where parts, records, medical supplies or computer equipment are stored, gates and more…
  • Keyless entry using a keypad pin code, card swipe or proximity cards and FOBs instead of pin codes
  • Certified Alarm Lock Installer/Reseller
  • Multi-door, multi-site applications
  • Aluminum/glass storefront doors
  • Support for doors with push paddles and panic bars
  • Systems with over 2000 users
  • Audit trail and access reports
  • Buzz-in capability ideal for dentist and doctor offices

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