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Do Not Order Here if You’ve Lost All of Your Car Keys. See our Key Replacement by VIN options and order form.

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If You Are Not Located in Phoenix Metro Area

If you have a working key to the car, order duplicate car keys and replacement remotes/FOBs, below.

If you can program the car key or remote yourself, you will see a “programming instructions” tab on the product page.

If you need a locksmith to cut or program the key, take the replacement we send to an automotive locksmith near you for cutting and programming.

Note: precut keys by VIN are available for order here.

If you are in the Phoenix Area

Order spare car keys and remotes online below.

If the key / remote can be programmed by you, there will be a “programming instructions” tab visible on the product page.

If you need a locksmith to cut the key or program the key / remote, bring it into any of our lock shops, for cutting and programming.

Please note. For car key programming at our shops, arrive 1-hr before closing to ensure we’ll have the time to take care of you.

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Why some keys need to be programmed and some don’t.

ACME Locksmith sells, cuts, and programs car keys and remotes. We will ship your duplicate auto key or remote straight to you. If you are in the Phoenix area just bring the key, and your vehicle, to any of our key shops. We’ll cut the key and program it to your car (additional charges apply).


Does My Car Key Need Programming?

Almost all 2000+ model cars have car keys called transponder keys or chip keys. These will require programming. Inexpensive cars were less likely to have transponder keys (think Kia, Hyundai, etc…) until recently. We know of no current models that do not have chip keys.

If your key is all metal, it will not require programming. If your key has a plastic head or remote head, then it may, or may not, be a transponder key that needs programming.

How Can I Tell if My Car Key Needs Programming?

  • Locksmiths have a tool that can test your key to see if it is a transponder key.
  • Your vehicle owner’s manual may also tell you if your key needs to be programmed.
  • If you get a car key copied and it will not start the car, or the car starts and then cuts out, you need to program a transponder key.

What to do if Your Remote Doesn't Have the Same Buttons as Our Online Remotes

If you don’t see the exact button configuration for your replacement remote, almost always one with additional buttons will work so long as 1) everything else looks the same and 2) it’s for the same year make and model.

It’s just that the additional buttons not found on your current remote won’t work. The buttons that are found on your current remote will work.

The main exception of this is for cars where a model comes with non-proximately features and proximity features. Those remotes are not interchangeable. That is, a remote designed for a push-button start vehicle will not work on a car designed to take a key.

Does My Car Remote Require Programming

Yes, in all cases. But, the majority of the time, you can program your replacement car remote without connecting to the car’s computer, so it can be DIY. On our order form, if the remote product page has a tab labeled “programming instruction” you can program your remote following those instructions.

My Car Remote Buttons Work, But The Car Doesn't Start. Why?

When the car manufacturers combined the car remotes and keys into one unit, they didn’t combine the electronics. They just put them in the same package. So many cars with remote/key units can have the remote portion programmed by the owner, and work just fine, but the key portion will need to be programmed by an auto locksmith or dealer.

Why is Laser Key Cutting So Expensive?

Instead of the key cuts removing all of the material, the cuts in laser-cut keys only remove a portion of the key’s material. The cuts are milled out. This requires an expensive machine and that cost is passed along to the consumer.

Do Laser-Cut Keys Require Programming?

Most high-security car keys, also called laser-cut keys, are transponder keys and require programming as above.

What is a Car Proximity FOB?

Cars with proximity FOBs do not require a key to be entered into the ignition to start the car. Instead, a button is pushed. These FOBs will need to be programmed.