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hide a safe under a box

Where is the Best Place to Hide a Safe?

Where is the Best Place to Hide a Small Safe? When it comes to owning a safe, you have three options to protect that safe and its content, in the event of a burglary. The first is to buy a ...
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How to Clear Garage Door Opener Memory & Add Remotes

Why Erase a Garage Door Opener's Memory? If you've bought a home, clearing out the garage door remote is one of the most important things you can do for ensure the home is safe. Erasing the garage door openers memory ...
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Schlage Encode Review – Locksmith’s Review

Review of the Schlage Encode Smart Lock by ACME Locksmith 2020 has been a great year for electronic deadbolt smart locks. Three of the major players have introduced new smart lock deadbolts and levers in just the past few months ...
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kwikset halo satin nickel features

Kwikset Halo Smart Lock Review by ACME Locksmith

Review of the Kwikset Halo Smart Lock 2020 has been a great year for electronic deadbolt smart locks. Three of the major players have introduced new smart lock deadbolts and levers in just the past few months and they have ...
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What to Do When You’ve Lost All of Your Car Keys

What To Do If You've Lost Your Car Keys Above all, don't panic. Most everyone loses keys at some time, but there are solutions. Though losing a car key is frustrating and can be costly, remaining calm during these next ...
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Door Hardware Trends – Lock Styles

Door Hardware Style - Trends If you haven’t seen our article on the Latest in Door Hardware Finishes, including antimicrobial coatings, it is a good compliment to this article and should be read before or after going through this article ...
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New Door Hardware Finish Trends Include Antimicrobial Coatings

What are the New Door Hardware Finish Trends? Just as with fashion, door hardware styles and finishes change over time as manufacturers try to capitalize on trends in architectural styles and consumer awareness. Door hardware can be considered an 'accessory' ...
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How Much is a Locksmith – Locksmith Prices

How Much Does a Locksmith Cost - Locksmith Talks Prices The top ranking results for the search term "How much does a locksmith cost" get it wrong. Those sites aren't written by locksmiths. There written by marketing for companies that ...
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Best, Affordable Indoor Home Security Cameras

The Best, DIY, Indoor Affordable Home Security Cameras on Amazon ACME Locksmith recently wrote an article Comparing DIY Home Security Systems. I then took my favorite, unboxed it, demoed it and installed it in my home. Here's a link to ...
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Best Video Doorbells of 2020 – Locksmith Recommended

Video Doorbell Comparison - Which is the Best Video Doorbell? If you subscribe to the ACME Locksmith YouTube channel, you know that I love the Video Door bell I use on my home by Skybell and you've probably watched me ...
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What You Need to Know Before Buying New Locks

What You Need to Know Before Buying New Locks When you’ve made the decision to buy new locks for your home, there are some critical terms and measurements to know. This article explains what you need to know to replace ...
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How to Lock a File Cabinet

How To Lock A Filing Cabinet Our number one request in small lock solutions is for filing cabinet locks. There are a few possible situations, and a locksmith can help you with all of them. When you need to lock ...
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How to Lock Cabinet Doors

In our article "How to Lock Drawers" we discussed several types of locks that also lend themselves well to locking cabinet doors. The nice part about cabinet door locks is that there is always a door to easily attach the ...
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How to Install Drawer Locks

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_SOCIAL_ICONS] Types of Drawer Locks We get calls all the time asking how to secure things like desk drawers, garage cabinets and other small cabinet spaces. In most situations, these aren't needing to be anything robust, just something to keep ...
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The Best Smart Lock of 2020

In our recent blog posts, The Best Smart Locks for AirBnB, and our 3 Best Home Electronic Deadbolts, we discussed some of our favorite home electronic locks. The difference between those two articles is ...
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Door Egress Requirements

What is Building Egress Code? “Egress” is a building term that refers to “a means or place of going out”. In other words, it's an exit. Both commercial buildings and residential homes contain codes regarding the paths of egress. Any ...
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KeyMe Kiosk Fakes Out Google and You

Google Makes KeyMe Kiosks the Largest "Locksmith" in the Country Google KeyMe Listings - Fake Locksmith Locations Google is a high-tech company solving high-tech problems, but once again, they have been beaten by a company that has chosen to mislead ...
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Lock Picking

Can All Locks Be Picked

Can Every Lock be Picked? We recently started our YouTube Channel where I discuss our favorite locks. Often we're talking about the best locks for a specific function. For example, "What's the best lock to stop lock bumping," What's the ...
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Understanding Lock Functions

How Do Locks Work - Lock Functions: Passage, Entry, Storeroom, Classroom, Privacy Locks behave differently based on their lock function. Do you want a lock that always locks every time the door closes? There's a lock function for that. Do ...
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Lock Grading – ANSI Lock Grades Explained

Lock Grades 1 2 3 Explained The ANSI lock grading system was developed to setup a standard testing procedure to measure the strength and durability of a lock. The ANSI lock grade system provides an indication as to the quality ...
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