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How to Secure Home Windows

How to Secure Your Home Windows Against Break-ins Adequate home security involves more than just your doors. While most break-ins occur through front, back, and garage entry ways, nearly a quarter of break-ins occur through windows ...
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How Much Does it Cost to Rekey a Business Lock?

When Should a Business Rekey Their Building? When you've terminated an employee or just moved your business into a new location, perhaps maybe even a theft, it's time to rekey you business locks. Rekeying your locks means that only authorized ...
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Rekeying a Lock Cylinder

How Much Does it Cost to Rekey House Locks?

How Much Does it Cost to Rekey A House Lock? Just bought a home? Just tossed your roommate? Fired your cleaning crew or no longer need that house sitter? It's time to rekey your locks! How much is a rekey? ...
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Double door with vertical rod panic devices.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Panic Bar

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Panic Bar? An “Exit Device”, also known as a “Panic Bar” or “Crash Bar” is hardware designed to be installed on the secured side (inside) of a door which opens outward. It ...
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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Car Key Made?

How Much Does it Cost for a Duplicate Car Key in Arizona? Depending on the key type, it can cost as little as $7 to get a car key in Phoenix, AZ market, or as much as (and over) $600! ...
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How to Change a Door Lock

How to Replace an Existing Door Lock Replacing a door lock is a simple process that most homeowners can readily handle. This helpful guide will make sure you've done it right ...
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French Door Terminology

How to Secure French Doors

How to Secure French Doors from Burglars French doors are one of the weakest security points in your home due to two individual doors meeting in the middle. When they are not properly locked, or the locks provided during the ...
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How to Adjust Door Closers

How to Adjust Door Closer Speed A door closer is a mechanical device which automatically closes a door using springs and a system of chambers filled with a hydraulic fluids to control the motion/speed of the door. The most common ...
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How Can I Check if Neighborhood is Safe

How to Check Crime Rate Before Buying a Home? When you're buying a home, one of the most important factors in that decision is the safety of the neighborhood. This is especially true if you have a family with small ...
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Our New Best Smart Lock of 2019

In our recent blog posts, The Best Smart Locks for AirBnB, and our 3 Best Home Electronic Deadbolts, we discussed some of our favorite home electronic locks. The difference between those two articles is ...
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How to Remove a Broken Key From a Lock

Removing a Broken Key Stuck in a Lock Keys get worn, keys get weak, keys get broken. But when a key breaks inside of a lock cylinder, how do you get it out? There are several techniques commonly used to ...
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Reinforcing Commercial Doors – Locksmith Recommended

How to Strengthen a Commercial Door - Steel, Aluminum/Glass or Wood By default, most commercial doors do not come with the security improvements necessary to make them as secure as they can be. In fact, by default most commercial door ...
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I Lost My Safe Combination! What can I do?

How to Open a Safe When You've Lost Your Combination At ACME Locksmith we sell safes, repair and work on all kinds of safes. One frequent question we get is, "I don't have the safe combination, how do I open ...
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I’ve Lost My Keys, What Should I Do?

What To Do If You've Lost Your Keys What should you do once you realize you have misplaced your car, home or another key? Everyone has lost a key at one time or another. They are small, slide to back ...
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Best Smart Locks for Vacation Rentals & Airbnb Rentals

The 4 Best Smart Locks for Vacation Rentals / Airbnb Rental Units Turning your home into a vacation rental or Airbnb unit makes smart financial sense. But how does the person you rent to get access to the home if ...
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Best DIY Home Security Systems

Best DIY Home Security Systems With No Monthly Contracts Home security and alarms have always been a consideration to protect your home, but it doesn't have to be expensive. Luckily, there are some very good DIY security systems in this ...
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How to Install a Door Lock

How to Prepare a Door to Install a Door Lock Installing a door lock can be rather complex, but with the right guidance, any homeowner can install a door lock. In this article we teach you how to prepare a ...
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6 best lock brands

The 6 Best Door Lock Brands

The 6 Best Door Lock Brands The security needs of home and commercial establishments have undergone tremendous change over the years. Today, companies and homeowners are confronted with complicated issues related to protecting door entry into their property by way ...
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What to Do After a Burglary

What to do after a Home Burglary - Locksmith Recommended Even with the best home security setup, your home can still be robbed. Door locks and alarms are meant to deter burglars and encourage them to look at other houses ...
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How to Become a Locksmith

Everything You Need to Know to Become a Locksmith Becoming a locksmith requires training, background checks, certification (in some states), proper tools and equipment and a desire to help people. Jump to: Is Locksmithing Right for You? How Much Do ...
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