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How to Unlock a Bedroom Door & Unlock a Bathroom Door

5 Ways Get Unlock a Bedroom Door or Bathroom Door (Privacy Lock) You've probably done it. We've definitely have done it. Almost everyone with kids has likely had it done to them. How do you unlock a bathroom door or ...
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What is the Best Lock Lubricant – Locksmith Recommended Lubricant

What Lubricants are Best for Locks? This is one of the most frequently asked questions locksmiths hear. And most people we talk to know about graphite as a lubricant. But it’s 2021, and there are several superior products for auto ...
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Don’t Get Fooled – How to Find a Real Local Locksmith Near You

When You Search "Locksmith Near Me" That's NOT What You Get When you search for a locksmith near you or any other 'near you' search term, you're likely looking for one of two things. Fast service (a company that can ...
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How to Open a Safe When You’ve Lost the Key

Support our Articles / Videos Support Our Blog! Help! I've Lost the Key to My Safe! If you're looking for how to open a safe when you've lost the combination check out our other blog post. Here we are talking ...
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2020’s Best Combination Padlock

Our Favorite Combination Padlock of 2020 Combination padlocks are notorious for being less secure than other types of padlocks, but for locking up bikes and such for short periods of time, the combination padlock is really one of the best ...
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Kwikset vs Schlage Keyways

Can I Rekey a Lock to Match an Existing Key?

Can Your Locks be Rekeyed to Match an Existing Key? My customers often find themselves in a situation where they've bought a home, but there are one or two locks in the home that work from a different key than ...
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Varies Schlage Electronic Locks

How to Factory Reset Schlage Smart Lock Deadbolts

Schlage makes several several smart locks and the factory reset for several of the Schlage smart locks vary depending on which lock you have. We discuss the most common factory reset options for the Schlage electronic deadbolts. It can be ...
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How to Reset a Yale Smart Lock

How to Factory Reset Yale YRD226, YRD216 and YRD256 Deadbolts Having a Yale smart lock on your home can offer a lot of benefits for ease (or denial) of access, but sometimes situations arise where you need to reset the ...
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How to Reset the Kwikset Halo Smart Lock

How to Reset the Kwkset 99380 and 99390 Electronic Deadbolts Don't know how the Kwikset Halo Lock Works? Check out our YouTube video, "Kwikset Halo Product Review and Demo." Want to know how this lock stacks up against other smart ...
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How Much Do Safes Cost?

Prices on Safes Vary Based on Size & Security I get asked this question all the time. But the answer isn't as simple as just giving a dollar amount, because there are many types of safes, in a lot of ...
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What to Do When You’ve Lost All of Your Car Keys

What To Get New Keys When You've Lost All Keys to Your Car It's OK, don't panic. Everyone loses keys at some time, but there are solutions and your local locksmith or car dealer can replace lost car keys. Losing ...
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Does Hollon Make the Best Gun Safes?

Overview of The Hollon Gun Safe Lines Before buying any safe, do your research. It’s a big purchase that deserves serious consideration. Hollon makes several gun safe lines to offer a suitable safe for everybody’s needs and budget. We feel ...
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Are Hollon Safes Good Safes?

Are Hollon Safes Any Good? At Acme Locksmith, we sell a lot of safes to our customers. Their needs range from just keeping their kids out of stuff that they shouldn't be into, to high security TL vaults for jewelry ...
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The Best Smart Locks of 2020 – Locksmith Recommended

Please Help Support our Articles / Videos.Support Our Blog! 2020 is the year when lock manufacturers have finally gotten the concept of smart locks on point for the average consumer. Gone are the complicated hardware and software components to set ...
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Safe Combination Not Working – What to Try

Please Help Support our Articles / Videos.Support Our Blog! Dial Safe Won't Open Using the Combination Your safe combination has stopped working. You are certain it's the correct combination but for some reason the combination will not open the safe ...
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Door Barricade Systems – How to Better Secure a Door from the Inside

Door Barricade Devices – Reinforce a Door to Stop it from Being Kicked In Standard home locks won’t make your door 100% safe from a would-be intruder. Home builders are looking to build the least costly homes possible, and they ...
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5 Easy Ways to Remove a Broken Key From a Lock

Removing a Broken Key Stuck in a Lock Over time, keys get worn, the metal fatigues, and keys break. Sometimes, that break occurs inside of a lock cylinder when turning the key. When that happens, how can you get the ...
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hide a safe under a box

Where is the Best Place to Hide a Safe?

Where is the Best Place to Hide a Small Safe? When it comes to owning a safe, you have three options to protect that safe and its content, in the event of a burglary. The first is to buy a ...
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How to Clear Garage Door Opener Memory & Add Remotes

Why Erase a Garage Door Opener's Memory? If you've bought a home, clearing out the garage door remote is one of the most important things you can do for ensure the home is safe. Erasing the garage door openers memory ...
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Schlage Encode Review – Locksmith’s Review

Review of the Schlage Encode Smart Lock by ACME Locksmith 2020 has been a great year for electronic deadbolt smart locks. Three of the major players have introduced new smart lock deadbolts and levers in just the past few months ...
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