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People lose keys. It happens. Having a locksmith out to your location can be a very expensive way to replace those keys. The service call

When You Want to Protect Something Important, You Want an American Security / AMSEC Safe Unfortunately, this home was recently lost to the Carr Fire

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes we hear from customers, “Why are you charging me so much? You were done in 10 minutes.” There’s a certain

There has always been a big hole in product offerings in the safe industry–small yet secure safes. So customers with small spaces have always had

Q: Does Arizona require all locksmiths to be licensed? A: No, but….it does require licensed locksmiths for any job performed over $1,000. Q: So how

Want Someone Elses Key? Just Take a Picture of It. New apps will send you an exact copy of a key from a photo you

Touch Screen Deadbolt

Keyless entry has made it’s why to the residential market. There are a number of good home electronic locks out there, our favorite is from

A few years ago it was relatively easy to spot a SCAM locksmith. By this I mean a locksmith that may do the work they

Is Your Car’s Ignition Sticking – Time to Fix It You wake up late. Quickly get yourself together and head to your car, desperately trying

Do you want your employees to have keys to your business? If an employee leaves your employment on bad terms, how will you know they

My company can be a pain. It’s true. But this, my friends, is a good thing. When you call us for a car unlock or

Buy Safes Online

This great safe by Hollon has just been updated to provide even more fire protection! Amazing value for the price point with light kit, power,

This is an update of a previously posted article. We are continuing to see newest versions of locks bought at the big box stores coming

Side Gate Lock Installation

Want Code Access for that Gate? Locksmiths really can do it all, and coded gate locks are a large part of our job. Why install

Many file cabinets come with pre-installed locks. If you lose those keys, no problem. We can make a key for the cabinet at your location

Sliding Glass Door Locks

When your arcadia, sliding glass door gets old one of the things that often fails in the door lock. While you could simply replace what

We’re big fans of access control and even bigger fans of access control that doesn’t require wiring. No wire runs to distant doors/gates and no

Yelp reviews can miss the mark. I came across this 5-star Yelp review, and what I found surprised me. The most troubling thing about this