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How to Cover Door Holes

Using a Door Wrap to Cover a Door Hole How to Cover a Door Hole What do you do when you have a door that has a hole pattern for a previous lockset, but the new lockset holes don't line ...
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The Risk of RV CH751 Keys & RV Compartment Locks

CH751 RV Compartment Key Your RV Storage Compartments Can be Opened by Basically Anyone Which RV Locks are Keyed Alike? A single key, the CH751 RV key, will open the compartments of just about any RV. The CH751 is a ...
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Sliding Glass Door Locks

The Best Sliding Glass Door Lock

What is the Best Lock for Sliding Doors? When your arcadia, sliding glass door lock gets old, it is likely to fail.  Cal Double Bolt Lock, Buy Online at ACME Locksmith While you could simply replace what you have with ...
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Best Video Doorbells of 2022

2022 Video Doorbell Comparison - Which is the Best Doorbell Camera? If you subscribe to the ACME Locksmith YouTube channel, you know that I love the Video Door bell I use on my home by Skybell and you've probably watched ...
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Which Safes are California Department of Justice (CA-DOJ) Approved?

What is a CA-DOJ Safe Certification? The California Department of Justice (CA-DOJ) Safe Standard isn't really a safe rating. It's a safe that has been constructed or tested to meet or exceed the specified standard. In order to legally own ...
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Rekeying a Lock Cylinder

How Much Does it Cost to Rekey House Locks?

How Much Does it Cost to Rekey A Home Lock? Just bought a home? Just tossed your roommate? Fired your cleaning crew or no longer need that house sitter? It's time to rekey your locks! How much is a rekey? ...
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How Much Does it Cost to Rekey a Business Lock?

When Should a Business Rekey Their Building? When you've terminated an employee or just moved your business into a new location, perhaps maybe even a theft, it's time to rekey your business locks. Rekeying your locks means that only authorized ...
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The Arizona Eviction Process & Cost of an Eviction Lockout

Step by Step Eviction Process in Arizona There are a set of procedures that need to be followed in Arizona to legally evict someone from your property. Once they are out, you want to take steps to ensure that they ...
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Can Locksmiths Open Safes?

Can Locksmiths Open Safes? There are several situations where an owner can become locked out of a safe. In this article, I am addressing good, quality safes that need to be opened in a professional manner so that the safe ...
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What is Lock Rekeying

  What Is a Lock Rekey? One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Can you change my locks?” And, yes; I can. But new hardware is expensive and isn’t usually not necessary. More often what the customer ...
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How Do Locksmiths Make Keys Without the Original

How Do Locksmiths Make Keys for Locks that Have No Working Key? You've lost that last key to one of your locks or cars. How will your local locksmith make a duplicate key without the original? First, a bit of ...
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Laser Cut High Security Sidewinder Keys

How Do Locksmiths Cut Laser Keys?

How to Get a Laser Cut Key If you've bought a newer vehicle in the last decade, you may have noticed your car key was remarkably different than your key from older vehicles. This newer key style is known as ...
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How Do Locksmiths Program Car Keys?

The Art of Programming Car Keys Automotive technologies have come a long way in the past 40 years, and the ignition system is one area where great changes have been made. Gone are the inexpensive mechanical-only keys which you can ...
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How Do Locksmiths Open Locked Cars?

If you are currently locked out of you car right now, and trying to figure out how to get in cheaply, stop. Call a local locksmith. The time you spend, money you spend, and damage you may cause to your ...
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Arlo Pro Camera Review – How Good is an Arlo Camera System?

Is the Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera System Recommended by ACME Locksmith? Outdoor home security cameras are becoming more and more popular as the technologies continue to improve, prices drop, and features get added and enhanced. In fact, they are ...
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Schalge BE365 deadbolt satin nickel

Help! My Schlage Electronic Lock Unlocks by Pushing the Schlage Button

  The Schlage BE365 electronic deadbolt is a great, affordable basic electronic deadbolt. We've sold and installed a lot of them over the years. It's so affordable now, that many people are buying and installing it themselves. However, they often ...
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How Do Fire Safes Work?

I've written articles about fire-rated safes before, What do Fire Safe Ratings Mean and How Much Fire Rating Do You Need in a Safe, to assist you in determining your needs when it comes to protecting your documents in a ...
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How Much Fire Rating Do You Need in a Safe? A Locksmith Explains

What Fire Rating Should a Safe Have? As with any security product, the amount of fire rating you need in a safe depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Your needs are based on what you are putting into the ...
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What Are Safe Fire Ratings? A Locksmith Explains.

UL? KIS? JIS? 30 minute? 1hr? 2hr? Drop test? What do all of these safe fire rating classes mean? A safe fire rating is a rating indicate how long the internal content of the safe will remain below 350°F (paper ...
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How to Become a Locksmith

Everything to Know About Becoming a Locksmith Are you interested in being a locksmith? You may be wondering: What skills are required? How much do locksmiths make? What training is needed? And more. As the owner of a locksmith company, ...
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