Will Smart Locks Work Without Internet?

Last Updated on October 6, 2023

There are two questions that need to be answered here.

Does a Smart Lock Work When the Internet Goes Down?

Yes, a smart lock work when the internet goes down. Enrolled pin codes, fingerprints, key fobs, or other methods will still be used to open the lock, and the lock’s basic functions such as locking and unlocking from the inside, will also work. What you will lose is the ability to control the lock from offsite using the app on your phone.

The remote control features of a smart lock require internet connectivity. So remote access and control through a smartphone app will not work until the internet is restored.

You may still be able to add users, and change the smart lock programming from the app because some smart locks also connect to the app via Bluetooth. So long as you are within Bluetooth range, you can still manager the lock.

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Can I Use a Smart Lock Without Having WiFi Connection

You can use a smart lock without having WiFi or internet access at the location where the lock is installed. Without an internet connection , you will need one that has Bluetooth support in order to set the lock up using the smartphone app and retrieve lock history when you are near the lock. However, without WiFi you won’t have remote monitoring support or remote control of the lock.

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