High Security Automotive Keys – Laser Cut Car Keys

What are Laser Cut Keys?

Newer laser cut car keys are harder to cut, requiring special equipment.

Replacement Car Keys
Laser Cut Key

Laser cut car keys differ from traditional car keys in that the cut of the key does not go all the way through the key. The key is instead milled around the edges or the center of they key.

The milling of the high-security laser key requires special equipment. Though duplication of the laser key is affordable, origination of a laser cut key is complicated and more expensive. Always have a backup of your car’s laser cut key. For more information, see How Do Locksmiths Cut Laser Keys.

Laser key cutting is just one of ACME Locksmith’s Automotive Locksmith Services.

Laser Cut Key Overview

  • Laser cut car keys are high security keys.
  • They keys are harder to duplicate and require special equipment to cut.
  • The ignitions are harder to pick and harder to rekey.
  • High security keys require special machines to originate, duplicate, and program.
  • ACME Locksmith has the equipment originate high security keys, cut laser keys and program car keys. We do it all.


What To Do When You Lose All of Your Car’s Laser Keys

  • Call ACME with the vehicle’s VIN number.
  • We will cut a key that turns your ignition using our automotive key cutter.
  • ACME Locksmith will come out to your vehicle and program the car to accept the key by syncing up to your car’s computer.
  • You will save hundreds of dollars.
  • You will NOT need to tow your car to a dealer.
  • *Note: Keys with remotes built into the key head may need to be ordered. However, we should be able to make a key that opens, starts and runs your car immediately so you can be on your way. Then just stop by our lock shop when the remote-head key arrives.

If You Only Have One High Security Car Key:

  • Get a copy now!
  • Losing that last key can be very expensive because a locksmith will have to cut the key by code (which incurs a code cutting fee) and for newer vehicles we need to send a locksmith out to your vehicle to program the key.
  • Call ACME and we will let you know if the key and the programming equipment is available for you to get a key copy made in one of our locations.