Phony Locksmiths Ripping Off Arizona Consumers

There are NO $14-$39 Locksmiths.It is a SCAM.

You’ll pay hundreds over what a legitimate company would have charged.

1000 reviews in six months? Review farms writing fake reviews. Here’s how to spot them.

Those Yelp reviews can cost you.

Are locksmith companies that appear legitimate price gouging now too?

Quoted $15 for home rekey. What did they pay? See the receipt!

Customers charged $400 – 3 On Your Side Investigates, ABC15 Coverage

Why the person quoting $0-$39 service calls.will charge you hundreds.


Did a Scam Locksmith unlock your car and rip you off? Did you pay more than $100? $200? More? Never pay a scammer again. ACME Locksmith offers Free Car Unlocks.


Consumer information, data, and real examples of locksmith fraud.


A locksmith company quoted a customer a $25 service call to “unlock” a door. After destroying their lock (photo at right), they charged the customer over $200 their “service.”

They then told the customer it would cost another $200 to replace the lock they destroyed. With ACME, they would have paid $69 to unlock their door, AND when we are done, the lock would have looked and operated as good as when we go there (photo lower right). That is how scam locksmith companies operate. They quote a low service call fee “plus labor.” Once onsite they destroy locks, tell you parts must be replaced when they don’t, or charge enormous fees to perform simple tasks. Don’t let this happen to you.

Have you seen online ads claiming $14, $15, $19 … trip charges? These ads can cost over $100 each time they’re clicked. If it cost $100 per click, how can they charge $14 and stay in business? They can’t. Read the BBB and FTC reports concerning locksmith fraud and price gouging below.

ACME Locksmith receives 2-3 phone calls a week from clients that have been taken by locksmith companies.Sometimes it’s that they were ripped off, sometimes it’s that they need us to repair the damage done by these companies, but the cause is always the same. The consumer was quoted a very low trip charge. When the company showed up the charges quickly increase to astronomical rates.

When you hire a locksmith, you are putting your possessions and your family’s safety in the hands of the person you hire.

When you hire ACME Locksmith, you get an A+ Rated BBB company that has been protecting Phoenix businesses and families since 1997. You can expect to pay what you’re quoted; there’s never a hidden fee.

“I fell for the Locksmith Scam” – Locksmith Victim Story 1 Quoted $39.99 service charge and $19 labor — Charged $260!

“They used my ignorance” – Locksmith Victim Story 2Consumer Charged $180 for a lockout!

Phony Addresses Deceptive Locksmith Ads Crowd Google

Claims of Superiority? Verify Phoenix Locksmiths Claimsbefore hiring.

Car Key and RemotesBBB Warns about Internet Company

Channel 15 and ACME Locksmith ExposePhoenix Locksmith FraudQuoted $55 plus labor — Charged $289!

Examples of local locksmith fraud:

  • Ripoff Locksmith companies are quoting very low (or no) trip charges to hook you in. Only when they arrive do you find out what the real charges are. We recently received a call from a women whose $39 rekey quote turned into a $1200 bill! What was the difference? The crooked company told her that her locks had to be replaced and they were installing high security locks (both of which were not true). Always find out what the total charges are before hiring a locksmith. Once they show up, if there are any surprises, get them out of your home. If you feel threatened or they refuse to leave, call the police immediately. Don’t be taken by these crooks.
  • Companies are now posting phony locations on the internet. This is done so their listings dominate your search results and you call them over other locksmiths. Though it is legitimate to post mobile listings in the cities served, it is not legitimate to post a location on every square mile to fool the consumer.

Important Consumer Information

Below is a list of resources you can use to research locksmiths.

The information contained in the links below is generally available on the Internet, and ACME Locksmith makes no claims as to its accuracy.

You can find reports based on consumer experience at and (search for locksmith)

Use for locksmith’s registered with the Associated Locksmiths of America.

Find the company’s report at the BBB website. Tip: If no results appear in your city, follow the link to expand your search outside of your area. Many of these companies operate at a national level. Ratings can change, so check the BBB before each use for the most current data.