Safe Opening

Professional Safe Opening

ACME Locksmith offers a complete set of safe services, most importantly, safe opening.

Phoenix Safe Opening

Has the combination to your safe stopped working? Have you Lost the Combination? Has a family member passed and you need to access their safe?

ACME Locksmith has some of the best safe opening technicians in Phoenix. We can open all levels of safes, from the simple Sentry to the most complex TL-30×6.

Drilling a safe to open it is always a last resort, but when it’s needed, the safe can be drilled and repaired to nearly as good as new. There is no need to replace a safe that has been drilled (unless professionally doing so will be more expensive than buying a new one).

Safe Opening Articles:

How Locksmith Open Safes: a great place to get started by letting you know what you’ll need to get to us so we can open your safe.

Things to Try When a Safe Combination Isn’t Working. DIY things that may help you get into your safe.

What it Costs to Open a Safe.

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Why You Need a Professional Safe Cracker

A Scammer Tried to Open this Safe by Cutting His Way In. He failed.

Take a look at how a scammer tried to open this floor safe. All those cuts to try and remove the safe’s door, and he still failed to get in. This safe is ruined.

Not ACME. When we are finished getting into your safe, the safe will be fully functional and look as good as new.

There’s only one exception to this. For cheap safes, it may be more cost-effective to break into the safe (with the knowledge of how to do so, not like that joker that tried to get into this one on the right), and purchase a replacement than to professionally drily it and repair it.