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ACME Locksmith offers a wide variety of residential locksmith services throughout Phoenix. With our Phoenix lock shop at the center of the valley, we provide the quickest service at affordable rates.


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Home Rekey
Home Rekey


Rekeying locks is the process of making your home locks stop working with the current keys and start working with a brand-new key.

So if any old keys floating around, they will no longer work to get into your home.

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Unlock Homes

Residential lockout service to get you back into your property. We will ask for verification of ownership before unlocking any property.

Make Keys

ACME can make keys, cut keys, and duplicate keys to nearly any home lock. Lost that key to the sprinkler box, no problem. Need a key for a padlock? We do that too. How locksmiths make keys.

Residential Mailbox Keys

In Arizona, you own your mailbox lock. When you buy a residential property with a community bank of mailboxes, get that key changed too.

Bump Proof & Pick Proof Locks

Half deadbolts are 100% bump and pick-proof making them the best home door deadbolt you can install. Placed above existing hardware they give you extra security against forced entry and child safety by being out of reach. This is the most secure lock a residential locksmith can install on the entry door.

High-security locks are another option. These locks are constructed to withstand forced entry, are bump-proof and highly pick resistant.

Sliding Glass Door Locks

So long as the arcadia door is not the main entry to the home, in most cases, you are better off adding a secondary sliding glass door lock for your arcadia door than repairing the lock that’s there.

Smart Lock Installation

Smart locks have become commonplace on home entry doors. They can be controlled by a user’s cell phone and can prevent anyone from being locked out (such as a family member).

Lock Installation & Repair

Residential Lock Installation
Lock Repair & Installation

ACME can prep doors for new installation of locks (boring the door) so that additional deadbolt locks or levers can be added to existing doors. See door hardware finishes.

We install gate locks for side gates,

We also repair deadbolts, door levers, and handle sets (pitcher levers).