Lock Bumping

How to Stop Lock Bumping

$3 and an internet connection gets anyone into your home

Lock Bumping History

Locksmiths have long used the “lock bumping” technique to gain access to locks when a key is not present. The term “bumping” comes from the fact that a specially cut key is inserted into a keyhole and then tapped or “bumped” by a screwdriver or other object. This bumping forces the pins in the lock to jump to their shear line, and with a little torque applied to the key, the lock will open. With the advent of the internet, this technique was made generally available and sadly, companies are selling the specially cut keys online. Anyone with an internet connection now has access to the technology and tools needed to gain entry to your home.

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Lock Bumping Facts

  • 90+% of American doors use old style cylinder locks which are vulnerable to lock bumping
  • Your door lock can be lock bumped by a child
  • When a bump key is used there is no sign of forced entry or damage.

How to Protect Yourself

Ways to protect your home and family from lock bumping range from inexpensive to very expensive. Several recommendations are:

  • Are your locks already bump protected? Check your deadbolts for the markings in the photo. If you have them, you’re protected.
  • Take your door locks to a locksmith shop. Locksmiths can install special pins that make it much more difficult, though not impossible, to bump a lock. This is an affordable way to protect your home from lock bumping. If taking your locks to a shop is not possible, the locksmith can come to your home for an additional service charge.
  • Install ACME’s #1 Recommended Home Security Tip. For less than $30 you can easily secure your door so that bumping is impossible. Or install an inexpensive Pick-Proof / Bump-Proof Secondary Deadbolt.
  • Install Residential Bump Resistant Locks. There are two good choices here. Both can be purchased through ACME Locksmith.
  • Replace your locks with a light commercial grade locks. If you have Schlage locks, this is your least costly solution. Schlage’s light commercial grade locks are heavy duty, pick and bump resistant, and built incredibly solid. They are a step up from what’s offered at home clubs and thus are only available at lock and security shops. However, once purchased you can replace the existing locks yourself.
  • Install high-security bump and pick resistant locks. We recommend the Mul-t-lock brand for its strength, resistance to attack, and additional security features not available in other high-security locks Mul-T-Lock, High Security Locks

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