Big Box Store Locks vs Locksmith Locks | What Do You Value?

Why Buy From a Locksmith

Think that big box store is saving you money?

Why is there a price difference in locks that licensed locksmiths sell versus those found in big box stores?

Aren’t they the same?

Nope. When you want the best door locks for your home, go with a locksmith every time.

Which Deadbolt Do You Want Protecting Your Home?

ACME Locksmith’s Default Lock vs the Big Box Store Lock – These locks have the same part number but are not created equal.







  • ACME Locksmith products:
  • Are higher quality
  • Come with multiple financing options
  • And if all you want is affordable, we can do that too, but our product won’t have plastic parts
  • Locksmiths can help you determine which lock is best for you based on:
  • The level of security desired
  • Cost and budget considerations
  • Types of materials used (Plastic or pot metal parts?)
  • Quality of material used (Solid core and thickness of material)
  • Bump and pick resistant technology
  • When you need a key copied, it’s better to visit a locksmith
  • ACME Locksmith calibrates our key making machines daily, home improvement stores don’t because they don’t have someone in the store that knows how.
  • If you value your time, hire a locksmith
  • Home improvement stores, to their credit, are busy places. For you this means waiting for service. And, if they make a bad key, sell you the wrong product, or don’t have the key you need, you’ve completely wasted your time.

Unfortunately, home builders and home warehouses aren’t focused on home security. They want products with the highest profit margin and/or volume. This often means selling inexpensive locks, that can be easily bypassed.

Your home may actually be protected with locks that have plastic parts! The lock in the photo on the right, or similar, is the grade of lock found on most homes in Phoenix. It is the primary lock sold at home warehouses. It’s hollow shell, thin screws, and old technology can easily be circumvented in only a few seconds by the most novice of criminals using a technique called
lock bumping.

This type of lock is on well over 90% of Phoenix area homes.

The lock on the left, however, has a steel reinforced core, thicker bolts, and the latest in pick and bump resistant technology. The lock on the left is a Schlage Light Commercial Grade Lock. Which one do you want protecting your home?