How to Best Secure Your Sliding Glass Arcadia Door

The Best Lock for Your Sliding Glass Door

Securing a sliding glass door has always been a challenge. If your like most homeowners, you’re throwing a wooded dowel in the sliding glass door’s tracks so the door can’t be forced open. And that works – the door can’t be force open. However, the dowel trick doesn’t do anything to prevent the door from being lifted out of it’s tracks. A simple screwdriver is all it takes to lift the bottom of the door up and pull it out. An intruder easily gaining access into your home using this method. That is, until now…

Double Bolt Locking System

  • Easily installs above existing locks
  • Instructional videos available online
  • Buy it Online or have ACME Locksmith can install it for you
  • No need to repair a broken existing lock or replace your existing hardware, just add this lock to the door
  • Withstands 1000 lbs of force
  • Door cannot be lifted off its track because it secures from both the top and bottom 
  • Child safety feature protects children from opening the door with two features. First it’s secured from two points so it takes to motions to open. Second, the sliding bolts can be locked in place so they can’t be slide open.
  • Comes with a 10-year manufacture warranty
  • Interlocking latch for double glass door that slide together at their mid point.
  • Optional handle if needed (or you can use what you already have installed)
  • Available in all black or all white to match home decor
  • Available at all ACME Locksmith locations or Buy it Online with free shipping