The Best Sliding Glass Door Lock

Last Updated on December 20, 2022

What is the Best Lock for Sliding Glass Doors?

When your arcadia, sliding glass door lock gets old, it is likely to fail. 

Cal Double Bolt Lock, Buy Online at ACME Locksmith

While you could simply replace what you have with the identical item, doing so won’t benefit the security of your sliding glass door. It is the time to upgrade your door lock and strengthen the security of your sliding glass door by installing a Double Bolt Lock. 

The best lock for your sliding glass door is a Double Bolt Sliding Door Lock. It cost less than replacing the arcadia door lock currently on the door. It is easy to install, and it gives you added security. There is a child safety feature to prevent your children from existing the home unknown to you.

Sliding Glass Door Locks
Lock Installed on Sliding Glass Door

We recommend this lock to all or our customers that have had an arcadia door lock fail because of the value. The only time you would not be able to use this lock, is when you use the sliding glass door to access the home via a key.

The Double Bolt Patio Door Lock easily retrofits to your door above the existing lock, and it is likely less expensive. In most cases you can install this lock yourself, but any locksmith for homes would be able to assist you if needed.

Child Safety Feature

But the main benefit of this Sliding Glass Door Lock is that it is the only sliding glass door lock that prevents the door from being opened by lifting it off its tracks. Most of the older arcadia doors can simply be lifted off and opened by a screwdriver.

This lock bolts the door to the frame from two points, above and below. This prevents the door from being tilted and lifted off the tracks.

It has the added benefit of child protection. Because it requires that both bolts, using two hands, be used to open it, making it difficult for little ones to use. The newest model of this sliding door lock also uses a small key to lock the bolts in place, completely eliminating the possibility of a little one’s escape. 

The Lock can be mounted above the existing locks, so the current sliding door lock does not need to be removed.

We sell the Double Bolt Lock sliding glass door locks for a great price on our website.

Cal Lock Installed on a Two Panel Glass Door

Double Bolt Sliding Door Lock Features

  • Easily installs above existing locks
  • Just add this lock above existing locks, no need to repair a broken existing lock or replace your existing hardware
  • Withstands up to 1000 lbs of force
  • Door cannot be lifted off its track because it secures from both the top and bottom 
  • Child Safety Features
  • Optional adapter to lock two sliding glass doors together
  • Optional handle if needed (or you can use what you already have installed)
  • Available at all ACME Locksmith locations or Buy it On Our Website

When the Double Bolt Lock Won’t Work

We have seen a few patio doors that this lock will not work on. The main issue is with c-channel doors.

C-channel doors have a protrusion in the middle (as opposed to being all flat) that makes it difficult to get the frame side mounting piece installed. To work, you need to be sure you have 1/2″ available to mount the bracket.

If you do not, you will either have to manually cut the bolt locking bracket down to size or go with another option.

Other Sliding Glass Door Solutions

We started installing the Cal Double Bolt Locks when they first arrived on the market about 10 years ago. Up until that time, we were installing Charlie bars for arcadia door security.

Charlie Bar

Charlie bars are a great step above just a wood dowel in the window track. A wooden dowel prevents the door from being open, but can often be shaken out by shaking the sliding glass door back and forth.

Charlie bars secure to the sliding door with screws, then folded down and locked the sliding door into place via a latch on the frame side, thus the sliding glass door cannot be opened or shaken open.

But, Charlie bars weren’t ideal for securing sliding doors ideal either. While the door was firmly held shut by a Charlie bar, the door could still be lifted out of its tracks with a screw driver and they are pretty ugly.

Sliding Glass Door Lock Demo

Watch a Demo of the Cal Lock

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